Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Premonition!?

Blizzard was gone...... Weather has got somewhat milder. Now we are facing FLOOD all over!! This is really a freaky weather pattern. This seems affecting trout behavior and insect hatches.....

At least it's been good enough to get out fishing. I fished DePuy's Spring Creek ( 4 days in a row, just like my full-time job. Following pictures are in a chronological order, though I don't separate or comment. You could tell from the light condition and my hat etc.

As more rainbows are coming into the creek, I was fascinating and wishing they would be aggressive to large bright wet flies. So I actually fished with my Atlantic Salmon fly in a smaller size. Whether it takes 3 minutes or 4 hours to tie, my flies are meant to be fished and get wet!

Not with the one above \(^_^)/!!
Nice brown too!
My own B.P.C. was crushed at the first bite!!
 I just wiped my nose for the occasion, never meant to chop my neck off!
I fish in and out of the creek, you know..........
Usual suspects.
Another fine 'Bow!
I caught a 12-inch rainbow later on.
Look!! Yes, Spring BWO (Baetis) were found! Furthermore, these were apparently duns and emergers. They must have been hatching somewhere & some time I couldn't observe. And trout must have taken them on rises!
Nice brown!!........
Also containing......
He got some tattoos?
I honestly wish I could keep tying Atlantic Salmon flies all year. But as the weather gets warmer, I have to switch into the work-mode. Fishing & guiding = trout flies to tie. I have just re-worked on a Silver Doctor. I am planning to tie some more when I have open time slots for next 4-5 weeks but not as much as before any more.

Anyway, I'll be a learning student of this subject forever.
And then, I keep fishing. See you next week!

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