Sunday, May 25, 2014

End of May

I really feel May came and now has being gone so fast. Perhaps I was busy. Or perhaps my metabolism is activating faster as the daylight gets longer and weather gets nicer = are you a trout??
Anyway, what's going on now? Johnny will speak on behalf of me.

Yes, Yellowstone River is now in a serious runoff!! As of this typing, the river is running over 20,000 CFS!! This will wash away all the algae and silts that have developed from the past two summers!!
Mallards Rest
 Perhaps this is the only one spot on the River where one can see a tiny piece of gin-clear water. You know where it is!?

No worries, it hasn't reached there yet!!

So I finally made time to sit down and shoot a tying video for my new & immediate success fly from this spring. It's indeed the second stage of my original Pupaerger (
I can't emphasize how significant these seemingly small modifications were for trout response (= my catch!!).

For next two weeks, I'm busy with Master Breeder projects. And I will be on the road. So I don't think I can update anything "fishy" a while.

Meanwhile for fishing report or if you ever consider visiting and fishing around here and need information, check and contact shops I work with.
Montana Troutfitters (
Parks' Fly Shop (

It sounds like, as you might also guess & feel, majority of shops and guides are afraid of high-water year = late start in July and consequently short summer and season............ But somehow yet confidently I feel optimistic. I don't think it's going to be as high as 2011. Then let me tell you that I personally had good fishing in that year. Also since then, I have developed myself to fish and guide under both high and low water. Then I have accumulated experience at spring creeks and lakes/ponds in the area, which don't receive any effects of runoff!!

I'm positive fishing will be good, even better than past couple years!!

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