Wednesday, June 18, 2014

YNP - My Own Season Opener

Yesterday June 17th made this year's opening day of mine for Yellowstone National Park fishing season. It's not because I was tied up with Master Breeder projects (which was successful by the way!!) since late May. I like to fish several selected waters in YNP in mid & late June.

I initiated myself at the easy spot as I'm the beginner for the new season(!?). First one was a fine little brookie!!................wait, it was a little brown, I wasn't quite aware of that till I saw the pic on the screen!
Then I graduated into a higher level.
PMD hatch was excellent on the Madison. It was some of the best hatch and trout actions I've ever seen.

Then I pursued my true desire and objective of the day.
Contrary to what some people claim, I didn't see any Salmonfly adults flying (well, it was a cold weather). I did try an adult dry imitation at likely spots but no look-ups at all.
But I knew this fly will work. Yes, this can be fished as a nymph but the most effective and stylish way to fish is: SWING in the legendary riffles and pools of Madison in the Park!!

A nice brown did answer my call!!

I pursued more. I then had much bigger taps and tugs!! This is BIIIIGGG!!!! - I thought.........

This massive WHITEFISH did take my large soft-hackle on SWING!!
Proud angler!!
Any fish taken by swinging soft-hackles are priceless!!
I was about to quit but hales started suddenly and hit unprotected parts of my body such as ears. That really made me quit.

Scattered & isolated wet conditions (storm, shower, sprinkles, hales, you name it) have been seen any time and any locations. As I head home, I saw "double rainbow" in Bozeman Sky!

I'll be running around!
Either river or spring creek, either Salmonfly or PMD, keep checking my blog posts here.

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