Thursday, July 31, 2014

YNP Dawn Treader 3 - Slightly Off The Beaten Path

I may not be a "Dawn Treader" in a strict sense for this post as I was driving YNP in a slightly later hour = very early morning = than past two "Dawn Treader" trips. I was a bit soured from schedules. As you have guessed and seen, "Dawn Treader" trips are meant to hit some of the best spots within YNP for my own fishing, explorations, and expansion of my guiding options. I still have some more destinations on my list but I believe I've gladly be done with major ones!!

This time I hit a trail which is certainly not a secret but is not heavily used.
I believe he (she?) was watching me as my guardian, rather than me as a prey!!
Need a ski or slid to get down?
 In the morning till mid afternoon, dry-fly actions were practically none. Slightly disappointing but I took it as this was a good time to experiment different flies and methods.
 And then always learning............
Suddenly Rainbow!?

A couple of under-water patterns to note are:
Drowned Soft-Hackle Hopper.

And then McKnight's Home Invader - Black. YES!! Cutty DO love this one as much as they love to take dry-flies on rise!!

In the mid afternoon, I got good actions on dry-flies. Patterns are still the same as shown in the past couple posts.

Again, I've completed the top-listed destinations for "Dawn Treader" trips. So if I conduct one or two more during this summer (or next?), it would be meant for fan fishing and somewhat back-country experience/scenery.
See you "off" & "on" the beaten paths!!

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