Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry X'mas 2014

I came home from the Master Breeder project and got back to my regular life, meaning fishing and dressing flies.

This winter has been a mix of equal amount of warm and cold, in my opinion. Around here in Livingston, when it's too cold, it's simply dangerous to go out fishing or do any other outdoors activities. Also when it's too warm and dry, air will circulate and famous SW winds will blow...... I'd say just moderately and normally cold days are the best for fishing.........maybe.........
Anyway I was glad to go back to DePuy's Spring Creek ( and to make sure that I know how to cast! This was literally caught by the first cast at my secret yet usual spot.
Rainbows are acting hot already!! This is somewhat new for this winter season.
Regardless of sizes, browns must have recovered from their spawning phases one by one and they fight very hard!!
There are still some larger ones are lurking the creek!!

I didn't discuss but a few weeks ago my most trusted Echo Rod had a couple of troubles after full 4 seasons of hard working. I sent it it to ECHO, via Montana Troutfitters, and they sent me a replacement = BRANDNEW = in so very short time!! I can't thank them enough!!
(I did unwrap the plastic cover on the handle, just to show you how it came back.)

It would be great if the first trout for my revived rod would be a nice one. I made a walk to a spot I had some faith in. I spotted some of the most colorful I've ever seen in the creek.
I couldn't believe the odds. The first trout for the brandnew rod means a lot.......
So here it is.......
Actions went on. I'm very sure this rod will haul in many colorful & memorable trout from now on.

Just another typical scene at DePuy's but Merry Christmas for all creatures!!

My Atlantic Salmon Fly project is going on harder than ever.
Here's a Black Ranger as per George M. Kelson.
Britannia as per George M. Kelson.
The original recipe calls for Shovel Duck (or Shoveller) flank feathers for wings. They are common ducks but sellers seem scarce. For some reasons, I have another common-but-hard-to-obtain duck flank feathers in similar appearance. These are from Paradise Duck.
I hope all of you out there are having good holiday seasons.

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