Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of Feb (Beginning of Spring!?)

It's been an odd month. February started with 60F and now it's 20F or so = cold!
Actually the same goes with fishing: it started very tough and now it's strangely good! Let's look!

I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( every week. This winter, browns seem recovered from their spawning quickly. Any sizes of browns fight hard as ever, even reminds me of rainbows' turbo pulls!!

Then, Spring hatches have begun!!  This is, in my notes, one month earlier than usual!!
Spring hatches mean: Midges and, yes, BWO = baetis 

even PMD too?

Then, rainbows are quietly yet surely moving........
Another very welcoming surprise: guide trip request in February! Totally unanticipated (and very suddenly) but I consider my operation and myself are open-year-around. I was able to put things together quickly and destination was my always-go-to DePuy's. It was a bit sparser than the report above, yet I was able to introduce very-early-spring hatches to my client.
After hatches, we "nymphed" along the creek. This was some of the most colorful Cutbow!!

 Chilly.........but actions kept us going.

Covered all trout species!!

Apparently this was the first trip for the year and for my own outfitting operation. I'd like to say it was a good start. I will find out how March rolls.

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