Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bighorn Spring Trip - Day 1

Spring is practically here in most part of Montana. As much as it's the time for fishermen/women to get out fishing, it's the time for outfitters/guides to get ready for the upcoming season.
Bighorn River is definitely the most well-known and popular tailwater river, along with Missouri River, in Montana, if not the entire World. Having been taking trips under fly-shops and outfitters, as a guide, I hadn't had opportunities to run trips to the Bighorn. Now as an outfitter, I'd like to offer guide trips to Bighorn River. So I hit the road with my guide friend Jared to make sure that I know every inch of the river and to see what to expect this year.

We left early on Wednesday, March 11th. Checking the weather forecast and river conditions (both online) before and after our trip, I'd like to say we picked up the nicest condition available. Also, it was about the threshold period before, you know, crowds of anglers start to visit. We managed that part well too.

Fishing was the mix of variety in terms of methods and flies. Over all we consider we did very well. Without being conceited and "guides' ego", when we passed other anglers, we were the ones in actions. Let's look back Day 1.

The usual - Gray Sowbug.
We took turns fishing & rowing.
My own Giant Sowbug worked for me very well!!

Cruising along "Bay of Pigs" = actually Angus cows.
Even though this was a friendly outing, I insisted my "guide lunch" = cooked on the bank of river!!
It happened to be "Basque Chorizo", with my choice, and we consumed all!!
Perhaps lunch was our lucky turning point............
Long story short, I have my own lucky and most promising spot that no other anglers wouldn't see that way. I asked Jared to get me there and he controlled the boat just right for me........BOOM!!
Perhaps my new hat may also be a lucky item too!!
We had good actions pretty much every time we stopped and fished,
Just around 5:30, we guessed water temperature would have reached higher. With some cloud cover, we started to pitch the famous/infamous YELLOW JJ!! Followings are a few out of a dozen we got and we hooked and lost a dozen more.

We stayed at Cottonwood Camp ( We rented a cozy cabin. Indeed Cottonwood amenity is very reasonable and very hospitable.
We just enjoyed our way with Jared being a Master Griller. I bet there are many of you out there who will like this style rather than spending in a room and run to a restaurant.
Our hunger was fulfilled. Due to long hours of driving and fishing, we just went to bed.........
Day 2 Report will follow.

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