Monday, April 20, 2015

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2015

I got back from East Idaho Fly Tying Expo ( in Idaho Falls, ID.
Quite an event............... What an experience..............
It was very intense for two days ONLY & SOLELY dedicated to fly-tying!! I visited with several good tyers and had lots of audiences from near and far during my table sessions.

This is the very first time to have and wear a shirt with my name on it!
Convention Center of Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls was a very goo venue. It was filled with lots of fly-tyers and visitors for two days.
My table sessions (I did three!!) became very busy!! Honestly much more than I had anticipated. I had visitors all the time.
 I think this was when I was introducing a piece of magazine article (framed) about my COYOTE.
And my frames became huge attractions!!

 Then, on Day 2, I was on the list for the stage!
Adjusting cameras and microphone.
 Here it goes!

The first pattern I introduced was, to get my fingers warmed up, Sparkle Crane Larva.

My left-arm is spinning!

 I've been training myself with my own YouTube channel. Also I had plenty of practices on Day 1.
This was just a larger scale but I didn't have to worry camera, recording, etc.

I had quite a number of audience.

Back to my table (just using the same pic).

I sincerely appreciate people who plan and organize the Expo and gave me such a wonderful opportunity. My flies and frames (and my humble skills and knowledge) finally got some public lights other than online methods.

Thank you everyone who visited my table sessions and theater. As a guide, I did my best to introduce how to fish with these flies of mine on top of how to tie them. Let me know how my patterns do in your waters.

I certainly want to go back next year!

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