Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June - Rolling & Getting Ready

I've been booked up and very busy with Master Breeder projects.
Majority of area rivers/streams are still in the middle of run-off, while there are several rivers/streams available to fish. Lakes and ponds are offering their prime fishing time too! It's not really a break, per se, but I can use this period for my own fishing and time to prepare for the guide season.

Perhaps this will be the last video update for the Tying Season 2014-15.

I did a little work on the boat floor. Nowadays, we, outfitters/guides, need to accommodate any type of wading boots soles. 
Materials I applied are nothing special or fancy.
 But I think and hope studs and any metal grips would not penetrate, at least so badly to my boat floor. Nor it should be slippery for anglers. Yet I attached them so they wouldn't be blown away while driving (another cheap trick!).

At this point, it's just a bit too early when we would start floating Yellowstone River. Give me a week or two. I hope to post some fishing reports for the next post!!

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