Monday, June 22, 2015

New Gears & One More "Tubing"

YELLOWSTONE RIVER UPDATE: Yellowstone River is coming down and clearing rapidly. Indeed about a week earlier than most local anglers and guides anticipated. Boats have been already out with some good reports! Contact me for booking float trips (or other types of guide trips I'm offering).

As the season approaches (as of this typing, it has started! - which will be the next post just in a few days!), I just invested on a couple of gears for guiding and fishing. One biggest and most anxious product is this Patagonia Stormfront Hip pack!!  I have tried a couple of hip/waist pack to store my fly boxes (mostly for guiding). Unfortunately, water has penetrated into more than a few occasions, which means I have had hard times drying back my flies.......... I finally invested on this one and I'm very happy!! This is 100% water-proof, perhaps a hurricane-proof!!

Since the first acquisition in the last fall, I became a great fun of Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T!!! It's full of comfort, warmth, and originality (by the way, my first one seems out of lineup, which makes it & and a guy who's wearing it stand out even more!?). I had to get one more!!
A little bonus.......

I then acquired two more sets, total 3, of float tubes (fins included). In a very near future, perhaps next spring or even this coming fall, I'm planning to offer a float-tube trips. I keep you posted!
Speaking of the tube, I was playing some more with tubes at the local ponds/reservoirs.
I finally got a bite!!
Here's the memorable catch! The first fish to the tube and the very first bass on the fly!
I never meant to exaggerate or trick the size. It was purely because how photos were taken. Real size was........ I'm happy anyway!
Three Forks Ponds are set in a very "urban" spot. They are right off I-90 and are next golf course and town of Three Forks, MT. Then how big is the town of TF? One of a few enjoyable warm-water fisheries in the area. I will certainly hit there again!

Spring creek report will follow!

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