Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Summary: Fall Baetis Hatch (& Some Other Bugs)

Looking back the last fall, midge hatch & rise actions of trout were tremendous. Instead, fall baetis activities were somehow very low. Midge actions were more than compensating poor baetis actions so no anglers were complaining. So this fall, most regular creek anglers are hoping to see fall baetis hatch and delighted rise actions of trout, just as we know, yet we are all prepared for midge hatches due to the last fall.

I have already found out the tendency for this season. Again, every year is different. On the contrary to the last fall, midge activities are much lower. Instead, we got fall baetis back!! - just as classic & typical as we know & expect!!

One thing that's common every season - at least in my opinion: fall baetis is the ultimate match-the-hatch challenge of the year. By the fall, trout have seen all kinds of flies and presentations. Furthermore, they are not eagerly feeding any more. When hatch is good, they "might" rise and feed a few. Flies, Presentations, and Timing their rises!! We have to show every fly pattern and skill that we have developed through summer months in order to wrap up the season with the happy notes.

Let's look back how I've been doing with more pictures than in the previous post!

In the afternoon of the opening day, Oct 15th, I was at the spot!! Baetis hatch was good! and promising for the rest of month. Furthermore, my new emerger pattern turned out to be a very successful & killing pattern right off the bat!! I have already developed a couple of color & hook variations. I will unfold each and all during this winter.

 In the morning of 18th, I had several midge actions that's worth noting.
Massive Whities (I got two.......)

 In the afternoon of the same day, baetis did hatch and my new emerger kept catching trout!!

Then the afternoon of 20th was the "classic" fall baetis fishing!!
It was overcast with light rain, no winds to speak of. I started to see rings of rises one by one. I started catching smaller individuals.

One of the most iconic and technically challenging section of DePuy's = Annie's Run holds some nice trout that show themselves only during heavy hatches!! I was able to make a perfect drift right along the edge!!

 Actions went on.

The way actions ended was also classic - trickling down to 3PM.
 Another morning catch with midges.
This fall, I have discovered a new spot for me and it would perhaps be the most challenging spot in the entire creek. Certainly I have known the spot but haven't fished much. That is why I keep visiting DePuy's!! There's always something to learn, observe, and develop!!
In the afternoon of 21st, I observed repetitive rise actions that I ended up spooking all. Since then, I've been devoting myself to this challenging spot and trout swimming there!!
Look at this tremendous hatch!!
 I observed and studied the spot. Weedbeds, current speed, where trout are rising......... I decoded one at a time, day by day. I started getting in touch with trout!!

 Again on my new emerger!!
Any sizes can be enjoyable!

 Another shot of surface world.
By the afternoon of 27th, I developed some strategies to be successful at this challenging and physically demanding spot though that does not mean I was hooking every and each rise!
Also, it turned out to be another classic baetis afternoon - hatches came in waves = 3 big swarm = then tapered down.

Inch by inch, I was catching larger ones........

Action ended with this hefty leaping rainbow, connecting at the end of 6X tippet and size 22 dry-fly. This is definitely one of my most proud catch on the creek!!
Regardless of sizes, all the trout in this spot were challenging = fly patterns, presentations, and timing!!
 I say "a spot" but actually there are two currents that I've been working on. Both are equally challenging!!
In the afternoon of 30th, we finally experienced tough winds = nearly 30mph = from SW that had been cooperative over two weeks. Although baetis would hatch, they would be immediately blown away to Canada. Hence trout rising actions wouldn't be counted much......... However, I know a spot that I might be able to fish for the hatch & rise with dry-flies. I patiently waited and observed. I spotted continuous rises, just as I thought. I can't tell whether those were caused by one fish or couple of trout. I was sure rises were to feed duns. Yet, as always, presentations of flies and timing of presentations!! Furthermore, I had to deal with gust. Actually winds did me a favor regarding my positioning. Vision for my dry-flies were terrible but I detected a very small sipping rise where my fly should be........ Another proud catch!!


So fall baetis are hatching and midges are offering some surface actions then. Yet those are not all. Indeed trout are feeding on different stuffs.
As seen right above, what's this bigger mayfly?
Yes, that's a PMD and here's the one flying - not from this June!! Indeed PMD are observed hatching during winter months and almost all through the year.
Orange scud!
A big snail collected by pumping!!
 Even from one trout caught during the baetis hatch on a baetis dry-fly.........

Just like predicting fall-run trout, baetis hatch can progress to any results. Considering all these classic and typical hatches so far, and including my wish!, I have a strong hunch that hatch will go on till mid November. It will taper down as the days go by but those hours will still be worth assembling my dry-fly rig!! I will keep working on!


  1. Satoshi....I still like those photos of the Baetis duns on the water. You found more than I did. Good job!

    1. Les,
      I'd been making extra effort = tough wading = to get up the spot. Over all, we are seeing a better hatch season. We would have another 10 more days or so of baetis hatch........I'll fish in the afternoon from now on.