Monday, November 16, 2015

The Man, The Flies, & The Frame (and Some Trout Fishing)

It's hard to say what kind of winter we are expecting right now. Average? Cold? Dry? We are having mix of everything so far.

My projects are keeping me busy.
Black Dose - Geo. M. Kelson
With this installment, I started working on framing. It was very elaborated and challenging, just like these 6 flies. One small mistake would make me work all over. Plan & measure well before cutting into...... I completed one by one. It went just as I had planned in advance.

Signed and approved by GMK?
I used a new mounting system for the season.
With this accomplishment, I went fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek in the afternoon.
And I forgot my camera again! So I used my i-phone to capture some images solely for this blog. Well, job got done!
 However, it turned out to be some of very productive days at the creek. I hauled in so many trout and one of them was.........
Another trophy for this fall/winter!! So I had to manage a "selfie" with my i-phone (somewhat technical).

It's not a great picture, due to glare and choppy surface waves caused by winds, but this trout remained still after release. I could even tape-measure. Although my i-phone wears a protective case, I wouldn't dare to try my favorite underwater shots......

So the project is successfully completed and now I'm into the second major framing project!!
Then of course, it looks like Fall-run of brown trout is strong in this November again! I wouldn't mind catching another one or two!

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