Monday, February 1, 2016

The Last Two

January went by so quick!
Besides trying to make weekly fishing reports, I've been working on another grand framing project. And to achieve that, I first have to have Atlantic salmon flies that would be worth framing. And those don't come easy and quick. The plate I've working on, which some readers who are familiar to the subject would notice by now, contains nice patterns. I just numbered the order I would dress at the beginning. That had no particular reasoning but just my feeling. I numbered two most challenging patterns, not only in that plate but also in general, toward the end.

That needed my full attention through the last week. Also winds weren't cooperative so I decided not to go fishing rather dedicated everything to complete two flies. Here they are.

Jock Scott - Dr. Pryce-Tannatt
Once in a while, I show my "weak" side in public.........
A dramatic effect!
And the very last one is The Popham.
For this pattern, besides over all achievements, I really like how Indian Crow substitution feathers, that I dyed on my own, look like and come together.
So I got vital parts for the frame. I already have ideas and plans. So far, I've been achieving what I had planed and schemed. Let me see how it goes this time. Over all it will be another challenging and rewarding  project!

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