Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bighorn Trip Day 2

On Sunday 20th, apparently morning was much easier and more comfortable. The day was expected to be much warmer too. We kicked off the day with hearty breakfast!
Then we checked out Cottonwood Campground, hoping to visit again, and headed to Afterbay Dam.  On this day, we decided to focus on upper 3 miles.
Strangely the morning midge hatch & rise were not as strong as the day before. Yet, once hopping back on my boat, nymphing is as productive as ever!

 Anticipating afternoon hatches, we cooked up another hearty hot lunch! That was the famous brats from Pioneer Meats and "extra beefy" chili!!
The flat..........
As in the morning, both midge and baetis hatches were not as strong as the day before. However, that can't be an excuse. There were plenty of rising trout and, again, they were some of most challenging ones I've encountered. When baetis were prevalent, I hooked two - though they didn't come to my net and camera.
Meanwhile, Renee got one!!
My boat was painted like this.............

Over all it was a great trip with lots of fun, learning, and observation.
Bighorn River is one unique and special river - location, water system, number of trout, fishing methods, and many other interesting factors.
Each angler has one's favorite method and spot or how to spend the day on the river. To me, the biggest attractions are tremendous insect hatches and when & how trout change their behavior accordingly. I'm not being technical or philosophical, nor the size or numbers of trout. It's simply the ultimate challenge for me.

Hope to get back soon - my own fishing and guided trips. If you haven't experienced Bighorn River, it's worth writing down on your bucket list..........

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