Monday, June 13, 2016

End to Begin

It was as seasonal and intense work as guiding; I just finished up the beef cattle breeding season.
Rest assured, there will be ample supplies of "quality beef" in the near future.

Also, fly-tying list has been completed, which ended up with 67 dozens in a very short and limited time period.
Rest assured, there will be enough numbers and numerous kinds of flies for my clients.


While I was busy with my other profession, Yellowstone National Park fishing season opened on Memorial Day weekend. I sent my lovely companion Renee to the season opener (and the following weekend) with supplies of flies and some guide knowledge. I was sure she can handle fly-fishing and enjoy the day and location. Following are only handful out of many trout she caught from Firehole River. According to her, Firehole has been offering tremendous insect hatches; a couple of different caddis, PMD, baetis.

As you see, she did catch some impressive Firehole trout!

Then I was ready for my own opening day. As it has been the case for the past several seasons, for my own opening, I tend to choose somewhere minor and less known (though never meant to be secret per se). This year was no exception. We hiked up somewhere under cloudy sky with cold air.
Well, she did some wonderful jobs for me ;-)!

In the afternoon, we fished Madison River within Park. It was also really fun!

It's fair to say we are having another great early season fishing in Yellowstone Park. Just as numbers of tourists in general, waves of summer anglers haven't arrived yet while in June. Yet fishing can be really productive. It's indeed an overlooked season when one wants to pry the waters of Yellowstone Park.

Caddis - White Miller dominating - and mayfly - lots of PMD - are plenty. When lots of insects are flying along rivers but trout don't seem rising much, OBSERVE and think why!!
It's a bit too early to expect salmonfly hatches and explosive rises on big flies! But we know it'll come.

I am hearing good nymphing reports on Madison River - no surprise rather just as we expect: salmonfly nymphs are getting active to hatch!

Northeast side of Yellowstone Park = Yellowstone River drainage and Yellowstone River itself are losing brown color and subsiding day by day. I keep you posted when it will be a go.

Last but not the least, the most anticipated PMD hatch on Livingston spring creeks are just coming. I'm very fortunate to have generated some repeating clients and new clients every season.
Regardless of fishing skills and experience, either new or repeating clients, and not to mention I myself, we all learn and gain from this one of the most spectacular fly-fishing opportunities in Montana, if not entire world. If this would be the first time to challenge either one of creeks yet want to have the best of it, I still have several opening days.

To be continued...........


  1. Nice collection of fish, both the large, and small ones!

    1. Yellowstone Park waters offer us various kinds of fish and fishing situations!