Monday, June 20, 2016

Salmonfly (+/-)

It's perhaps the most exciting time of year, regarding the insect hatch!
Salmonfly hatches on our Mighty Yellowstone & Madison, then PMD hatch on Livingston's spring creeks (definitely the next several posts!!)!!

Considering the characters of rivers, salmonfly hatches on Madison is more predictable than on the one on Yellowstone and some reports are indeed coming in. However, considering the potential weekend boat traffic and Yellowstone River has just begun, we decided to float Yellowstone for the first time after runoff.

It was a nice day with the great start!
This was one nice rainbow by Renee!!

 Then a nice brown followed!!
We spotted one stranger.......

I'm afraid the title and this insect picture can be misleading............ We had great fishing with salmonfly (or other stonefly species) nymph patterns. We didn't see adults crawling up or flying. With high-winds on Saturday afternoon, we didn't see any fish rises nor had any dry-fly actions. But we are sure it'll change soon! To be continued.

Then on Sunday, we hiked to one certain section of Yellowstone River within Yellowstone National Park. Again, expecting, at least checking in, some potential salmonfly hatch.............
These guys were crawling right along the bank!!
Yes, it's a Golden Stone nymph.
In spite of tremendous insects flying (below), fishing was once again nymphing centered.
Not much complaints with catching some native Cutthroat!

Plenty of Whities and this brown, just missing a rainbow to complete a Yellowstone Grand Slam!
Followings are my famous bug-shots.
Gray Drake
Mix of ???
Yes, these buggers are hopping all over already!!

Although I keep my eyes and ears wide-open for salmonfly progresses, I will be also busy with PMD hatch on Livingston's spring creeks!! So exciting.................definitely more pictures and stories will come............ See you along the stream (either one!)!

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