Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall In Love With Fall Color

It is indeed the fall but it's dry, windy, warm, not quite bright. I'm not surprised if I see someone running with tunktop and shorts! I won't worry as we know winter will come for sure.

Our fall adventure continues. Renee has caught most species around here since she started fly-fishing this spring. We've been counting down.  What's left on the list are: Grayling (we tried), Westslope Cutthroat (fished stream that may contain fair population), and brook trout. Considering the season and fish population in general, I thought we can cross off brookies within this year!

I took her to one of my brookie destinations during summer months with beginner fishers. Well, I was wrong. Water temperature got really low in the higher country. We did nymphing all through but we didn't get any bites from those who over-compete on our dry-flies during summer months!!

So we decided to move on and try "fall-runners" again. On the way, I thought of a spot we could try for brookies. At least we could take a look. We spotted doable numbers of swimmers and some structures looked really appealing and expecting. So we decided to give a shot here.

Her first brookie came only after a few casts!!
And it was an exceptionally beautiful one!!! Honestly I won't expect this level brookie from where we fished in the morning!! YAY!!
I had a little fun too!
I did some sight-fishing.........A little reward.........
Believe or not, we had some dry-fly actions too!!
Then we got something else. We even caught Yellowstone Cutthroat!! History and regulations tell us this body is containing ONLY brookies...........We even caught three Cutties.......Hmmm interesting.....
Until Mother Nature calls, it's still the fall! We don't mind enjoying nice weather and beautifully colored trout!!

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