Wednesday, April 26, 2017

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2017

Right after I came back from the Bighorn trip, I quickly re-packed and then Renee and I hit the road for another road trip.

For three consequent years, I attended East Idaho Fly Tying Expo in Idaho Falls. This is arguably the best event in the West.
We arrived at town on Thursday 20th. In this town, we try not to miss wonderful foods at Jakers!!
In the evening, I took a workshop, held at Jimmy's All Season Angler, with Steven Fernandez (is any explanation needed about him?): The Pompadour Salmon Fly For Advanced Tyers.  I have known him in the book and seen him tying at this Expo for the past couple of years. This was quite an opportunity to learn his signature style from him. This extreme bending is truly technical and artistic. It is indeed advanced in terms of understanding feathers and how far they can be manipulated by us. I was kind of blind 😵during the first trial. However with his detailed tutorial, I started to get a hang of it and the "light bulb" was lit in my head💡. Not too bad for the second trial, is it😏
The class remained intense and we worked longer than scheduled. Most of students completed the night's assignment. I really want to keep practicing and tweaking these techniques I learned from now on!!
Then the convention center was opened for public and for the table sessions in the morning of Friday 21st. WOW!! You seldom see these masters are in the same picture so often 😲 but could happen at this Expo😸I was just head-down and kept taking notes🙇(photo courtesy of EIFTE Facebook page).
In the afternoon. I was at my table. Before I tie any trout flies, another salmon fly discussion with my mentor🙇🙏

On Saturday 22nd, I conducted my own workshop: Highly effective Trout Flies for Montana and Rocky Mountain Region. I worked with a good group of students. I hope I was able to convey my theories and techniques beyond each pattern and hopefully students had gained something and will catch trout with these patterns in their near future.
After quick re-packing & re-unpacking, along with the quick bite, I was at my table in the afternoon. Saturday tends to be busier with more audience than on Friday. I visited with various people.
 The wrap up😆

It was another great time at Expo😁😹
I felt I was getting used to this type of event but also I have learned a lot from and interacted with further experienced professionals, including some of true World Class🙇.
I'm already looking forward to visiting next year, envisioning what I will do and more good foods in the town🍔🍖🍦🍺

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