Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Group Trip

I had quite a big job for me last week. One of my clients came back with his friends and we planned a 3-day trip. To accommodate 6 anglers, I called some of the best outfitters/guides available in Paradise Valley, Tucker & Jacquie with Nelson's Guides & Flies. I also booked rods at private waters and spent a day for grocery shopping for 3 lunches for 9 people.

On Day 1, we headed to Burns' Ranch Lake in Big Timber. Our day kicked off just as we expected!
The usual
All the boats and anglers had good actions in the morning!

Another usual.
This was the largest Kamloop Rainbow to my boat!
On Day 2, our destination was Nelson's Spring Creek in Livingston. Anglers were required some "attitude & technical adjustments" compared to the day before. Nelson's is some of the most challenging waters in the entire state of Montana. We actually spot lots of trout in the gin-clear water but how we could get to them is the challenge (sometimes conundrum😨).
We had a good start!!
Checking the menu for the day😎
Sight-nymphing was the name of the game in the morning.

Just around noon we had short but very active baetis hatch. Then after late lunch🍔😋, we suddenly had cloud-covers. We were super lucky to have some extended baetis hatches for some more!

The last cast! Just as we started heading back........

On Day 3, we fished DePuy's Spring Creek.  Under another beautiful weather we could wish for, we had one stretch to ourselves.

All the pictures here are from my camera, which are only a tiny portion of our actions. Each guide and angler captured lots of trout, scenery, and action pictures or videos.

The group photo at Eva's Hut of DePuy's, with Absarokee Mountains in the back

It was one of my busiest and most enjoyable trips I ever organized and conducted. Good group of people to fish with and guide for, then I can't thank enough for Tucker & Jacquie's inputs and services.
Fly-fishing oftentimes could be a solo activity. But just like any other group activities, it can be fun and enjoyed with good group of friends. All through three days, we were blessed with beautiful Montana May weather, private settings, and lots fine trout.
Thank you all the crews🙇🙆🙏👍

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