2021 Guide Service

SATOSHI YAMAMOTO MT Outfitter #23140
PO Box 25 Livingston, MT 59047

From 2015 season, I'm licensed as a Montana Outfitter. That means I run my own outfitting/guide service operation. I can conduct booking clients and make transactions with them.
My official website is:
Go to www.leftyanglerandflies.com !!
This site integrates both business and my past & present blog contents, and English and Japanese to accommodate both American and Japanese visitors, and from all over the world!! 
Of course, I do some announcements, advertising, and booking through this blog.
For booking trips and inquiries, please contact me:
Email: syamamoto51@gmail.com
Phone: 406-223-3225 
  • Full-Day float trip – Yellowstone River: $500/day for 1 or 2 clients 
  • Full-Day float trip - Madison Rivers: $525/day for 1 or 2 clients
  • Full-Day float trip – Missouri & Bighorn Rivers (and other Montana public waters that require more than 2-hour one way driving time from Livingston): $550/day for 1 or 2 clients
  • Full-Day wade trip: $500/day for 1 or 2 clients
  • Full-Day private Lakes & Creeks float/wade trip: $500/day for 1 or 2 clients
  • Full-Day Yellowstone National Park trip: $550/day for 1 or 2 clients (YNP CUA #18-399)
  • Third person rate: Add $200 for prices above
WINTER TRIP available through December to end of February

  • $425/day for 1 or 2 clients, 3rd person = plus $125
  • Spring Creek ONLY with rod fees on clients.
  • Approximately 9AM to 4PM
  • Same superb lunch as summer time!
  • Yellowstone wade-fishing can be combined, depending on conditions. 

In the following notes, "Outfitter" denotes me = Satoshi Yamamoto
  • Most trips last 8 to 10 hours. But also upon requests and agreements, it can be arranged either shorter or longer with the same daily rate.
  • Trip includes lunch and non-alcohol beverages (water and soda/tea/coffee). Depending on trip destination, schedule of the day, and weather, camp-style hot lunch can be provided.
  • Trip includes transportation from/to water we fish.
  • Number of flies used for a trip per day is charged at the end of the trip (most flies are $2.50 each). Same goes with leaders ($5.00 each). Clients can purchase these from outfitter in advance of trip or are recommended to purchase at area fly shops.
  • Group of four or more: Outfitter will hire trusted co-working guide(s). Depending on types of trip, number of clients, and clients’ request, one guide will be assigned to two or three clients of the group. For example, if the group consists of six clients, it can be arranged either two or three clients per guide. Arrangements, number of guides and clients, and rates will be discussed upon booking.
  • Clients need to purchase MT Fishing License to fish every Montana water.
  • Clients need to purchase Yellowstone National Park Fishing Permission and YNP entering fee.
  • Clients pay access fees/rod fees per day for fishing private waters (lakes, ponds, and creeks) to family/company who own the properties. Rates vary by places and seasons. Outfitter will be informative.
  • Slot/rod of private water can be booked by clients or through outfitter.
  • Outfitter does not offer rental gears (rods, reels, lines, wader, and wading boots). Clients are required to rent or purchase any necessary gears from area fly shops recommended by outfitter.
  • Gratuity is greatly appreciated. Most clients of outfitter offer 18 to 25% of the daily rate. There have been many clients who have offered me even more because my superb lunch and hard-working ethic are greatly recognized as "way above average". 

Upon booking, 50% of trip rates will be required. Deposit can be paid via credit cards, checks, and cash. If trip destination is private water that requires deposit upon booking a slot/rod, outfitter will collect the fee and pay to owners of private water.

  • If the trip is cancelled 60 days before the day of the scheduled trip, full amount of deposit will be refunded (minus credit card fee).
  • If the trip is cancelled within 60 days before the day of the scheduled trip, deposit will not be refunded.
  • If the trip is cancelled on the day of the trip (absence, no notices, not answering phone calls, and so forth), a full-day trip rate will be charged to client’s credit card (on top of the deposit that has been paid).
  • Cancellation policy of private waters varies by places and by owners. Outfitter will make sure the policy with owners upon booking a slot/rod and explain to clients.
  • If the river that has been intended to fish gets muddy by sudden thunderstorms or any other natural phenomena, or when we can’t access to the river (road constructions, access site is closed, and such conditions), clients are advised to be willing to change the fishing destinations. If clients don’t follow outfitter’s advises, it’s considered as “cancellation on the day of the trip”, as stated above, a full-day rate will be charged. This should be discussed and understood upon booking.
  • If the trip is canceled within 30 days before the scheduled day or on the day of the trip but rescheduled with the same clients, deposit from the original trip will be applied to the newly scheduled trip.
  • If outfitter or guide(s) decide to cancel the trip (dangerous weather/nature conditions and so forth), deposit will be fully refunded (minus credit card fee). 

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