Official Fly Shop of My Original Flies

Some of you readers have been aware of but others might have not noticed that I registered my own fly-shop. My other site FISHY & CATCHY FLIES ( is the official head-quarter of my fly production and creation: LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES. It's indeed to sell and make some income (especially during winter months) but another reason/purpose of catalog is to have "FLIES ONLY" site to showcase my original patterns without fishing report (this blog).
I have come up with so many original patterns and always some designing is going on in my head!! As I've been doing, I will introduce my new flies along with fishing report in this "Lefty Angler" blog. But if you want to check out list of original flies every now and then, go to "Lefty Tyer" site.

As you can see, I classify flies into more detailed categories other than "dry, nymph, wet, streamer......". As you already know I tie from size 24 midge or BWO up to 5-inch junks. Then I cover rivers, small mountain creeks, sprig creeks, and lake/ponds.

I've been getting orders of framed Atlantic Salmon Flies. So I have been updating pictures of individual flies and my framing projects. I have set up detailed pages regarding pricing and ordering.

Speaking of which, I finally set up an Etsy shop to promote my salmon fly frames exclusively.
Click Here!!
This site makes online transactions and international transactions much easier.
I keep adding more frames along the way.
I will eventually add trout flies. 

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