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BWO - Happy Hours, Waterloo, & Solution - Fall 2012 DePuy's Spring Creek
This is a four-piece article about super peculiar BWO (baetis) hatches and rout behavior that I encountered at DePuy's Spring Creek ( in the fall of 2012. It's found under "Readers Cast".

Late & Early Season Fishing at DePuy's Spring Creek
This is the series of complete fishing information to fish DePuy's in the fall, winter, and spring. Fishing in warm months (what's defined as "season" by most of anglers) is well-published. So I have focused on months that not everyone is interested in fishing. However, contents of columns are not limited to "one creek and cold months". Indeed the whole series will implicate applications of knowledge and skills that you will learn from DePuy's in cold months into other spring creeks, big Western rivers in the area, and even other seasons. It's under "Eye of The Guide".

15 Feet Away

Presentation or Fly Patterns?

Food Sources at Spring Creeks - Minors to Majors (plus uniquely developed fly patterns)

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