Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breakfast for Trout??

I like to flip around several fly-fishing magazines at book stores every now and then. As of now, I subscribe only Northwest Fly-Fishing. This is the region specific magazine. Not just information and articles, editing is really good. Through my experience, other magazines sound and look same and similar to me also most of them have websites with their major articles in full lengths. Why buy? I like to conduct my book store visit every other month or so. Without buying, I learn some once in a while. Mostly about fly tying and patterns.

Here's one that I couldn't resist to tie. It's called, with great imagination for us and probably for trout too, "Bacon & Egg"!! It's from Montana Fly Co, using their own Otter's soft egg material. Worm and egg patterns are known to be deadly at times. This is truly a cross-dresser.

Materials and tying sequence are probably not as exactly as they do, especially about the worm (bacon) part, but I couldn't resist to try myself. At least I have Otter's eggs.

To simplify with similar appearance, I also tied with an egg yarn.

I am a great fan of cross-dresser flies, i.e., that represent multi trout food organism at the same time. So this can be a gourmet breakfast for trout? I really think this fly should work at times.

Though I've done my camping plan for this summer, as posted below, I really miss breakfast at my camp. Eggs on ham and Cowboy coffee boiled to perfection......

This is one of flies I have tied for the fall in Yellowstone. More going on at my bench. I'll post more for next two months till I hit the road at the end of October. And I will find out if they catch trout.

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