Tuesday, March 16, 2021

2021 Season


The 2020 season was not as grim as it had sounded. I was able to keep myself busy with guide trips. I just didn't have time to update here. I did some on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow me up over there!!

Well, 2021 is here. Things seem to look a bit brighter than the last year. It's about time to predict river flows for the season and I'm booking trips. But the first thing first, please stay healthy and positive. 

A couple of contingency protocols from 2020 continue:

  • Booking/cancelling policy remains the same. As long as COVID is the reason and we have to cancel trips, there will be no cancelling fees. Again, there may be another pandemic that would restrict clients' travels and/or my outfitting operation. We remain flexible and most importantly keep in touch. 
  • I again am not sure if I renew the Yellowstone National Park guide permission. Just FYI to clarify, I'm a Montana state licensed outfitter which is renewed and current. YNP is a different jurisdiction that requires a different application/permission. Please inquire. Jumping to the 2022, I WILL RENEW the permission for sure!!
Meanwhile, since the end of 2020 guide season, I've been working on a big project. It's coming along. Here's a glimpse............ I hope I can announce something soon!