Monday, January 23, 2017

YNP River & Snow Check

This winter has been a real Montana winter that we know of. First half of January had been cold, last week was slightly easier, reaching 40F. Then the cold spell is on the way as of this typing. 

We drove to Yellowstone National Park for the first time since The Last Day of Fishing
Though nowadays we can check snowpack/precipitations online, we wanted to see and feel ourselves. We "walked" - no snowshoes or XC skiing...........Quite an exercise😆
First we walked from Roosevelt Lodge to Tower Falls, along Yellowstone River. 
Moose!!??? oh, deer.......

Calcite Spring Overlook - We thought of Yellowstone Cutthroat swimming and getting cozy around the spring............ Hope to see them soon.........
Next, we did something wild on a truly unmarked and not a known trail for winter months - actually our fishing trail during the season........ Some of you readers must have fished here on your own or with me......... One of the loveliest streams and one of the most enjoyable spots in the Park.
We wanted to take a look at the spot.......... Initial third or so was truly a challenge........we could have been buried......... However once we got through the section, we really appreciated these buffaloes stomping on snow, much easier for us to walk!!
Reminiscing the past season and hoping to make more memories in the upcoming season.........

We made sure there have been good amounts of snow in our headwater region = YNP. 
Though there will be some more factors to consider = how spring rolls =, we can definitely have high hopes for good water year!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Salmon Fly

Happy New Year!! 
-------- Sorry for being late and absent.............. I've been busy, sometimes distracted, with many things...... Hope all of you have had a good start of new year. Gone any fishing?  - in that regard around here, nothing to miss around here.............COLD!! and lots of SNOW!! Though not much fishing is going on now around here, we strongly welcome the Return of Big Old Winter and are already anxious for good summer flows in area rivers!!! It's strongly advised to start thinking about your fishing trips to Montana and Yellowstone National Park for Greater 2017!!

Before I go on, I'd like to introduce that my good friend & neighbor launched a website;
I know he goes to China every winter, then inspects and selects only top quality Tonkin Bamboos for Cane Rod Building. Every rod builder and enthusiast should check his website!!

As I announced in the newsletter, I've been working on salmon flies, off and on, since last September (usually a few in October then full-time from November). Though I've been posting so often at Facebook, I don't think I've done here. So this post will be the comprehensive coverage!!

Following 5 flies were dressed for exhibition (and consignment) for Livingston Center for Art & Culture. Each was framed in a single shadowbox.

Dusty Miller (George Kelson): This is an unusual style as "toppings inside out" on each side.

Green Highlander: I have special feelings for this pattern. This was the first pattern I worked on with my teacher. How many did I practice............... I must have come far..............

Evening Star (Major Traherne): None of Major's patterns come easy........ This is one of whole-feather patterns.

Following two are, in my opinion, very unique among Major Traherne's patterns as these are ONLY 2 patterns with married wings.  Furthermore, styles and proportions are practically the same.

Fra Diavolo: Amherst pheasant tails show quite accents!
Traherne's Wonder: Above said, actually some say this is not exactly a Major's pattern............ Anyways, this is my most favorite one. I'm happy with wing color schemes, then how Roof came out with Summer Duck (Barred Woof Duck) strips............
And they were all framed like this!! I received great reviews from Center and audience.

My own projects, that I assigned to myself, are going on as well.

This is actually the second time that I worked on Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannatt Plates 3 & 4 in his "How to Dress Salmon Flies" (oh, how green I was back then😳). I'm very satisfied with how each fly came up and my presentations & framing in the groups.

Plate 3: These were dressed on Partridge of Redditch CS 10/3, 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, respectively.

Sir Richard: I decided to finish in this style though I do have each feathers, used in wings, with longer barbs that reach the tail.
 Benchill: I like it!
 Childers: I like this one too!

Plate 4:
Helmsdale Doctor; dressed on Harrison-Bartleet Dee 3/0 - it's a very long hook! This is another favorite of mine!!
 Gordon: dressed on Harrison-Bartleet 4/0, very colorful!!
Silver Doctor: dressed on Francis Francis 3/0. This is another initial pattern I worked with my mentor. Again, I must have come far..........

Then this is the ongoing project...........No date set for completion.........
You'll easily guess what I'm working on.........All of these are and will be dressed on CS 10/3 3/0 = 5/0 for most hooks.

Harlequin: Looking simple but it's not easy to come....... Another favorite from this season!
Silver Doctor: Compared to Pryce-Tannatt's recipe, GMK's consists of a few less materials. Either way another 🅰 Doctor from this season!
Thunder and Lightning: T & L is another one of those patterns that has so many variations by each era, author, and book. Following GMK's recipe, I finished with my style. Simple yet elegant, I like it!

Hopefully you are tying some flies for the upcoming season!!
And someday soon, when snow gets shorter for easy access and river waters have no ice jams, I hope to go fishing!