Sunday, June 30, 2019

Our YNP Opening Day & 700th Post

After a couple of commercial posts, here's a REAL 700TH post❗❗❗🎊
I guess blog format may not be as popular as used to be as more convenient social media are available. I use those more too. But I don't intend to end this site down. 

My guide season has begun with PMD hatches on Livingston's spring creeks - that'll be later!
In between, I had a little family day. We drove through Yellowstone National Park and checked river conditions. All of these are new and introduction to our little guy👶

His level😂
 Learning to be cool😎
 Only dada did some fishing and with his last very best effort, he caught a munchkin Brookie😂

I always like our own opening day on YNP. As he gets older, we'd like to explore more.
Hope you all have a good start of summer😁