Sunday, August 24, 2014

Late August Float

It's still been a great summer. Fishing remains some of the best in most area rivers. That's mostly because we are experiencing a really cool summer (eventually cold.........follow below).

Since the first two weeks of "iffy & muddy" conditions, Yellowstone River seems to have changed its mood. My first choice is still dry-flies but when the situation calls for I go deep. Whities are getting aggressive!!
River crossing..... They were smart enough to know the power of the River.

Found dead at the boat ramp......
Inspiration for every streamer enthusiast on Yellowstone River!!
Another deep water result!!

He's going to grow wide & heavy as the fall approaches.......
Oh, Here's an RIP.......
My vest watch that I bought at "Wally Mally" seven years ago finally ended its life. It was something like $14.95, give or take. I replaced the vest twice (= 3 vests and now I'm on the third one) but this watch had been serving for me.

Dry-fly Double!!

As I keep mentioning through this summer, it's been a cool and nice summer. But even though another week of August left, weather went a bit too far........ Some rainy fronts have been sitting around here and, believe or not, air temperature has dropped to 50s!! As of this typing in my house, I'm wearing a pair of fleece top & bottom...... Apparently we need waders on the River!!

As weather and water got cold, these guys seem being aggressive!!
Of course this foul weather is affecting river condition and fishing. I thought we have some more Hopper actions left........ But also it's affecting aquatic insect activities. If you are observant and a learning student of Yellowstone River, you can spot Fall Baetis and couple of different Drakes are hatching and fish are rising at certain spots/sections of Yellowstone River!!
After a long fruitless fishing, I spotted a series of insect hatch and a pod of rising fish!!
I was finally able to get my client into a serious action with a pair of dry-flies!! Fish seemed large and taking his line into the heavy current. I advised him to follow along........
It was a fine 'Stone 'Bow!!
On a tiny dry-fly. What was all of our effort of stripping and chucking heavy artillery for.....?
BTW, this was the clarity......... At least warm enough to stick our hands into......
Weather forecast is calling a return of summer next week.......I hope so........
Then we gotta learn the summer fishing again!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid Summer Spring Creek Report

I've been off and or guiding or totally off or tying flies, rivers or spring creeks or Yellowstone Park waters............. Plus we are seeing mud-plugs on Yellowstone River every now and then. Those brown waters are caused by the (thunder) storms hitting the headwaters of tributaries. Some times (or cases) they are predictable and others totally unexpected!

Livingston's spring creeks have been very popular this summer for right reasons. And they don't get affected by sudden mud-plugs. I can't guarantee that you are able to book rods in a last minute but you'd better keep in mind that creeks are great options.
So here's a brief and crisp fishing report/condition at spring creeks. This would be one of a few, perhaps the first time?, for me to post "fly-shop-like" report.

Two major matters:
Weather has been great through this summer (that applies to all the area waters and towns).
There are still lots of trout, particularly Yellowstone Cutthroat, hanging in creeks!!

When it's not windy in the morning, look for midge hatches. Trout are actively feeding at selected spots of creeks. If not, spot trout under gin-clear water, observe their behavior and actions, and approach them with sight-nymphing = very technical by the way. My choice of under-water patterns are: mayfly nymphs, midge larva, caddis larva, scud, sowbug, and so on.

Also depending on the previous day/night conditions, you may find PMD or Baetis spinners in the morning.

PMD hatch is still viable and strong and trout love them!! Hatches are observed from 10:30am to 1:30pm with emphasis on from 11:00am to 1pm. So plan your lunch break accordingly.
Both size 16 (ephemerella infrequence) and 18 (ephemerella inermis) are equally observed.

In the afternoon, terrestrial fishing at creeks can be as exciting as at big rivers!! Unlike hatch-fishing, you gotta cover one sport or one section thoroughly. Cast & take steps. It's the flock-shooting with purpose!! Look for grassy banks and moving waters. For hoppers and crickets, same fly patterns used for big rivers work but in smaller sizes (say 12 & 14). Beetle and ants are very important and enticing. You need to keep them from size 12 down to 20!!

Caddis also hatch and cause rises of trout but most anglers are not aware of..........

Sulpher mayfly is observed at selected spots in the early evening (around 6pm). What's meant by "selected spots" is these tiny yet beautiful mayflies are spotted here one evening and over there the next evening. You gotta look for them and feeding trout.

Depending on what happens in the morning, PMD spinner falls can be expected in the evening. Also Duns may hatch too!! So keep your eyes wide & open then OBSERVE!!

Don't underestimate evening midge hatch/rise either!!

For fly patterns and daily updates, check with Buzz's Spring Creek Specialists (
Also, last but not the least, my own ties & patterns are gladly taken by trout too!!

Enjoy summer everyone!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dry Fly Guide (+ Something Underneath Every Now & Then)

Once August rolled, things got wild & busy. We are having just about right & comfortable summer days and water remains high & cold. What is HOT, as it has been, is FISHING!!

I have conducted several float trips for Montana Troutfitters ( with great actions!! Of course I guide with dry-flies first and foremost - Yellowstone River
 But also, when situation calls for, I don't mind "going down".......
When I do so,
result can be.......

I kinda like the contrast of fish on the shirt and in the hand.......

Happy Birthday!! (August 6th). I accidentally backed into the boat trailer hitch as I was backing toward the dawn...........
Here's the happy birthday boy!! - Madison River 
 Fish on!!
 Best birthday present!!
Big Trout and happy client!!
Young angler claimed he snagged the bottom, rock, or log...........
In a way, it might be....... Some of the finest Madison 'Bow!!
Good Hopper afternoons!!
So here's the "Fly of The Post" = Golden Chubby Chernobyl.
This simple, bright, and non-specific attractor is gladly taken this summer. We believe trout see this as Hopper and Nocturnal Stonefly.

Come and see for yourself!! Experince some of the greatest summer fly-fishing in SW Montana!!