Saturday, February 1, 2020

Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

It's been a while that I do a proper blog post🎊
Back in January, we traveled to Boise, ID for Western Idaho Fly Tying Expo.
I've heard of this Expo from the audience at East Idaho Fly Tying Expo. It's held in January, apart from other Expos and a nice little show in the middle of winter.
This year, for the first time, I decided to visit as a demonstration fly tyer, author!, presenter, and a Whiting Farms Ambassador. It was about an 8-hour drive from Livingston. We did not have any troubles with snow and winter road conditions both ways.

Of course, my demonstrations were Atlantic Salmon Flies.

Day 1, I dressed an Ottawa (Captain Hale) on a giant hook😲
Day 2, I dressed a Sir Richard (GM Kelson). I'm really satisfied with this one😏

Then I had an opportunity to make a presentation regarding Livingston's spring creeks.

I had quite a huge audience👏👏👏

In coming spring, I will attend more Expos!! Stay tuned!!
My one & only Atlantic salmon fly could be yours😁