Monday, June 26, 2017

Pteronarcys californica (Giant Salmonfly)

Things are rolling around here. Many rivers in the area are clearing and settling from runoffs, while there are still some that are experiencing runoff effects. Over all it's been a series of such nice weathers!

As much as I want to hit streams and lakes that offer good fishing, I have to go out for scouting.
Yellowstone Park waters, especially Yellowstone River system/drainage, is the one that needs special attentions.

What are these animals? We guess something going on with rangers...........
Yellowstone Cutthroat are in their annual spawning season. One has to be super careful about regulation regarding fishing season and closed area........this tiny stream is one of those....... They are all colorful and fun to observe.
 We barely salvaged the day with a high note😅
Now let's go to the title topic.
Salmonfly is hatching on Madison River!!
This is perhaps one of those events around here that's worth being crazy about, locals or visitors. I guess the unpredictability and yearly variance (one can anticipate but no certain patterns could be set) make this event intriguing😲!!

We made a short float upstream of Ennis. Hoping to have some actions but also I wanted Renee to see and feel that giant bug. We hit it just right😎

She likes to have one on her new hat😘
As for fishing actions, we did see some huge trout coming up to our big flies!!!!............ We both missed😖
Then I ended up catching a little one that fit nicely in my vest pocket😅
See the oversized fly on its mouth😑
Now hatch must be progressing upstream toward Earthquake Lake outlet. We don't know how long hatch will last or how thick hatch can be...........until it ends. Again, it's the once-a-year-event that's worth chasing............. If you can't make this year, plan for the next year from now!!

Speaking of which, PMD is going on strong on Livingston's spring creeks.
Stay tuned!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

PMD 2017

Just a week ago, June 5th & 6th, Yellowstone River hit the peak of this year's runoff, reaching 30,000 cfs 😲. With that, the outlet culvert of DePuy's Spring Creek was submerged. This is one the highest in the history and we can have high hopes for good cold summer flows & good constant fishing😀!! It will definitely wipe off PKD and following nightmares of last year😬!!

One of my most favorite and busiest times of the year, Pale Morning Dun hatch is just coming in a week (or so) at Livingston's spring creeks.

I just came up with the new pattern for this season; Thumb Down Emerger.
How I developed and how I came up with the name will be announced on my fly catalog in winter, along with the tying instruction video on YouTube.
Here's an emerger hook version
And on the straight hook - this is the very original intention.
Bottom view😏
My imagination and creativity extended a bit too far...........😅
Here's my rendition of PMD with the Atlantic Salmon Fly style😎

Besides with PMD on spring creeks, Giant Salmonfly (Pteronarcys californica - do not mix up with Salmon Fly like above!) is about to come. I will fish/guide/scout around. I will keep you updated.