Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My fly-sales, now it's an official & registered business, is up and running!! Please drop by I appreciate if you readers spread my catalogue. Right now I'm still busy fishing (as below). Once BWO hatch slows down, I will put more new & original patterns.
OK, title stands for "I already fished 12 days out of 17 days in October since Winter-Pass started". Some may suspect I'm fishing in order to collect the money-worth I paid..................not really. It's simply fishing is wonderful with a minimum traffic of anglers!! If you happen to have  long vacations during Winter-Pass period (Oct. 15th to Apr. 14th), it's worth for you.

BWO = Fall Baetis are still around..................

So how is fishing with BWOs? Why there aren't any fish pics?................Trout are feeding on them. But catching them is very very tough. I have to see my "Waterloo" oftentimes. I don't mind confessing this as I'm just fishing for my own, not guiding. I'm not invincible.........
After BWO time was over,  I fished for large fall-runners with Mr. O-O. Well, here he came...
I was in a tough spot to set up for self-timer but anyway it was nice one!! I can't emphasize how effective my Mr. O-O is........ NO OTHER large soft-hackles can take like this............


Tomorrow, weather seems to be back to cold, cloudy, wet, and overcast for next several days. I am strongly hoping BWO hatch will be strong and lots of trout will be rising (probably for the last shot of the year)........To be continued.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. O-O Goes On!!

Today, I was supposed to be "take off" from DePuy's ( I worked on my own stuffs in the morning and it was rainy and windy weather. However, winds stopped dramatically around noon!!, yet still cloudy and rainy somewhat. I finished office-works as well, so I made calls and there I was again. 

My intention was BWO hatch. It just seemed perfect. However, afternoon turned out to be mix of sunny and windy, not quite BWO-ish weather........... It seemed I was 30-minutes behind for other anglers told me. They did see BWO hatch and rising trout for 30 minutes........ and that was all.

Indeed weather is playing funny again, whether you fish or not, it will be warm for a next couple of days!! Though I didn't have any dry-fly actions (but one rise and miss), there still are lots of run-up trout in the creek and many methods to approach them. I tried my brandnew Mr. O-O (October-Orange) again. 

To be honest, this fly seems beyond the realm of my expectation. No other large soft-hackle for fall run-up trout will produce so consistently!! 

I saw this nice brown trout darted and chased Mr. O-O and attacked it!! Here's Mr. in ORANGE scarf........

Next two days are forecast to be sunny up to 60s!? Maybe not much BWO-ish........ I may be doing something else and/or tying more flies. That's why I gave a shot this afternoon. But then again who knows........ I may sneak in afternoon.........??

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One More Brandnew Soft-Hackle = Amazingly & Shockingly Effective

I was a brave weekend warrior at DePuy's ( I ended up fishing 4 days in a row and that made already 10 Days in this month with Winter-Pass. I will never get bored at DePuy's as "Spring Creek is the classroom of fly-fishing" (my guide mentor Tom Travis).

In my last post, I talked about great success with large soft-hackles. Yet somehow that night = Friday night, I was still playing and experimenting at my tying bench. I just came up with something. It looked good at my bench as any other large soft-hackles of mine. So on Saturday morning, under overcast condition with snow, I sought for an answer ONLY IF trout would respond....... Out of sudden the first one crashed..........

Small but feisty rainbow didn't let it go either........

Just after a few minutes, I felt a vicious take!!

Not the biggest but splendid Browny!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd proudly like to introduce my brandnew large soft-hackle: Mr. O-O (October Orange). Which essentially myself with orange shirts and scarf..........
Today, Sunday, it was slow in several ways; windy in town but not at creek (till noon), there was only one angler other than me, and of course fish-bites.........!! I didn't have much time to tie flies last night for some reason so I might as well have utilized a slow period efficiently by tying flies and supplementing my boxes at Eva's Hut. What's on my travel-vise........??

I was experimenting and trying new stuffs along with BWO hatches (more below), yet  I did get into a massive run-up rainbow!!!!

A quick underwater photo without wetting my sleeves!!

Again on Mr. O-O. See the gape was almost opened...............
As for BWO hatch, they are still there (somewhat depending on weather patterns) and producing probably the most technical and the most challenging match-the-hatch situation of the year. Yesterday, it was a great hatch but trout were SUPER-SUPER picky.......Today, it was a so-so hatch with a few rising trout...... Either way, I got some actions but........ At the point of ending the prime fishing and major hatch, I'm always learning & observing. I hope BWO hatch will last some more so I can conduct some more experiments.........
I'm haunted by spring-creek. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Soft-Hackle Swing @ DePuy's = New COYOTE Versions Were Born

I got home from another day at DePuy's ( with plenty of lessons and pictures. Let's go look!!

First of all, it was much nicer day today. At my regular first hole of the day, it was slow. Furthermore, I couldn't believe a BEAVER swam into the hole through my back and then in my face!! Then it kept circling there!! Beavers and muskrats cause lots of damages along creek banks so they have to be eliminated. I was equipped with only 6-wt rod and size-8 streamer. There was not much offence I could........

Streamer bites are off and on now, compared to last week. Just get myself started, well, I cracked eggs..........
Nice brown,

followed immediately by this massive 'Bow!!

This brown was noting big but the take on streamer was impressive!!
Only one concern for today was typical SW winds got a bit too hard and that might blow away insects or hatches........ At a certain "Windbreak" spot,  BWO kept flying and trout were rising. Last night I modified my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple a bit. I observed the synthetic wing of original can be too bright and bushy on sunny bright days (in other words, on dark cloudy wet conditions, synthetic wing is great). So I tied with CDC fibers. Now this version is truly a spring-creek fly!!
 Gladly taken!! More to follow!!
Who says one can't swing large soft-hackles in spring creeks? Nobody but also nobody really does either. My guide mentor, Montana's Master Anger himself Tom Travis, suggests me to give a shot (based on his success). Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you. This is the brandnew version of my original Coyote; COYOTE-Version 3 (Spruce Coyote). (Version 2 will follow below, don't worry!)

Massive runner buck couldn't resist it!!!

Since Tom was just around, I asked him for more pics........
 How biggie............................
Quickly released!
Later today, now I tried COYOTE-Version 2 (Double Pheasant Soft Hackle).
 Same result.......
Scarily kyped jaw!!!

So today, I fished with Nymphs (actually eggs?), streamers, match-the-hatch dry-flies, and large soft-hackles. All of them were successful. But then again, swinging large soft-hackle caused some of the biggest takes of the year!! And that's my most favorite method to fish!!

Apparently I will have to post more about New Versions of COYOTEs. Well, I have just tied another new one to test tomorrow........... To be continued.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


NEWS: My little winter fly-shop is back for season!! This time, I registered myself and my operation (as Montana's Master Breeder) to both Federal & State. I'm a businessman!! I upgraded my catalogue. Once everyone starts to tune in, I will add new flies and keep adding all winter. There will be lots of my original patterns!! So bookmark and stay tuned at (or keep your eyes on right side of this blog for updates).

COLD: Weather forecast said it would be cold today and it was. I was prepared and dressed well, yet it was cold.........My rods' guides got frosted already. At least it was colder than last year this time. I have a feeling this winter could be a tough one......
For the first thing in the morning, I tried my regular spot. TWO BIG bites. One leaped (18-inch footballer) and snapped off my little streamer. Second one could have been larger as it didn't show itself and popped off my little streamer (could have been foul-hooked).

I patrolled likely spots. Finally I had a solid bite for the day. It was nothing big 'Bow but developing something??

It was just about right size to stomach-pump...........then
EGG!! Look closer, there are also SNAIL & BWO!! And little baitfish on its mouth!!
Jokes aside, this will tell us now Browns in the creek has started spawning one by one (I know it's not strong yet) and actual size of egg to imitate.
In the afternoon, in spite of cold NE winds, BWO started to hatch around 2PM, just as I anticipated. Wind itself wasn't really bad on my casting and presentation if it were to be a normal condition. However, it was simply cold. I almost all used up my concentration and energy just to stand up there.......I hooked several trout on my regular BWO patterns but didn't come to my hands and camera........
So at the end of the day, I couldn't help being "eggy"................

Hooked with 2X tippet, retrieved quickly, snapped two pics, and released promptly......... I guess nobody would accuse me except for him..................

Nothing wrong (morally or legally) with "Egg-ing" as long as one uses it as one of tactics, I think, and as long as don't mess with actual spawners in redds. I mix with streamers and always expect BWO & midge hatches in the afternoon.

OK, I walk into freezer again tomorrow. Potentially on weekend too..........
I feel like I'm back into summer days again. Fish very hard all day, come home, tie flies, write journal entries, and plan for tomorrow.........

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Menu?

It was quite a change today from yesterday. Weather was nicer. Though temp was lower, less windier and less wetter. Hatch was................NONE to sparse.........= a few rising trout. It was still "supposed to be" BWO-ish condition!! I always try to think like trout but I can't imagine to think like BUGS at this point.............Anyway I stayed all day and had some fun. If not, I always have things to "learn & observe" as "spring creek is the classroom of fly-fishing"!!

I'm a dedicated fisherman to start this early on a cold day! Usually cars are passing over the bridge but today this little guy (developing little horns!!) was occupying.......

OK start..........

Next one! A bit larger.........

These two were all I got today. There was one huge tug that snapped of my tippet but that's all I can say. I did my best with my dry-flies to sparse number of rising trout..........

I end this post with the introduction of a little streamer in the second brown's mouth. That's Willy's Micro Zonker (click for tying video). Fabric Paint used is called SCRIBBLES that you can find in art/craft stores (in my case Michael's). I personally coat eyes and Scribbles with Clear Nail Manicure (that you can find in cosmetic departments). Apparently I tie in Black and Size 10 and fish behind bigger streamers (YES two streamer rig at spring creeks!!). This has been very effective as other patterns that I have introduced here before.

I decide if I visit DePuy's tomorrow or not when I wake up. We know it's good to rest a fishing spot a while then come back later but DO bugs need rest to hatch too?? Yeah, they might have been eaten till extinction yesterday then.............

Monday, October 22, 2012

20-20 (20-incher on Size 20 BWO!!)

It turned out to be another memorable day at DePuy's spring creek. Cold front is finally coming to us and seems to settle down. It was cold all day today and looks like it remains so for a while. I was expecting to see what weather patterns may affect trout and fishing or not.

I started with my favorite "Monster" spot. Who brings salmon/boat net to spring creeks? I don't mind!! I'd say it DID weigh something!!

Another killer streamer at Livingston's spring creeks is John Barr's Slumpbuster. I tie them in Size 10 & Black.

Another one from same spot!
Indeed fall........Late fall.....................
Afternoon became one of the most unique experience of my fishing life. There were several anglers at the creek and a couple of them were waiting for BWO (baetis) hatch in the afternoon, which typically happens 1 - 3PM. Most of anglers expecting this action tend to "hold spots" from 12:30. I'd rather avoid that kind of stretch but since I'm experimenting my new design (below), I had to join the circus. Just afternoon, Norther was not strong but very chilly. Hatch didn't happen. By 1PM, it seemed insane to be at water. Some rain coming off and looked to be snowing any time. EVERYONE in my vicinity (several cars) gave up & went home by 1:30PM. I just recalled my old fishing journals and memories. BWO hatch can be at around 2PM. If not, then I would move on, might strip streamers, and then go home. But YES!! It happened!! Just for me & ONLY for me!! BWO hatch & Rises lasted from 2 - 4:30PM under sleet!!

Simple CDC Dun is always a go-to!!

Then my new nymph!! Although I will make a full-post for this fly, I have just named "Winged Victory Nymph" as suggested by one of Blog readers.

 Like it!!

Stomach sample shows a mix of duns and nymphs.

Large rainbows are coming into creek!! I screwed up the pic!!
 This was smaller yet developing some kyped jaw!!

Lost another big one........You know this fly (below).

GOTCHA!! Massive solid 'Bow!!

Don't forget my other original, Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple!!

He was a "sipper" just "an inch & a half off" from the grassy bank.........

Probably the BIGGEST Brown caught on dry-flies!!

I was very satisfied but trout were still rising. Now it was WV Nymph's turn!!

Another Solid Brown!! Do I need more experiment on my new design?? I will do anyway......


I again visit tomorrow so I was planning to post a "two-day" summary but since I took lots of good pics of GOOD trout so I decided to do it tonight. Right now my wet clothes are getting dried in front of woodstove........ See what's gonna happen tomorrow.......