Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Floating Rivers

It feels like we're hitting the peak of summer. We're having upper 80F and 90F days, but this is only just past one week or two. It's been a cool summer, at least for my perspective and experience. Yellowstone River has been running in fair flows without many mud-plugs from up above. Float trip is going well.

Dry-fly fishing is the way to go!!

As seen behind, when clouds cover the sky, streamers can yield surprising results😲

And then................BIGHORN😎
Following is my scout trip for the upcoming BIIIIIIIG trip😏
This is the place to be🙋
I'd like to say this upfront; ALL the TROUT I caught in these two days were VERY VERY STRONG😲💪💪❗❗ I had very hard and, of course, enjoyable times to bring them in. 
 Not on purpose at all, a caddis flew into my water😅
Trout are very strong💪
 See what's out there😎

For those who are planning to come this summer, I'd like to offer you fair information.
There are LOTS OF TROUT to be caught❗❗ DO NOT listen to or believe in what someone talks about fish count/population survey. Besides as you can see in my pictures, water is running clear, flow has just come down to the ideal & preferable level for anglers, trout, and insects, and tremendous hatches are going on❗❗
That's all for now.
I'm sure the next post will be after the upcoming trip - perhaps in early September - only if I survive😬