Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

I hope everyone had good Thanksgiving dinner and is enjoying the weekend. I did and I am.
I was busy with some other stuffs earlier in the week and managed to fish DePuy's Spring Creek ( on Tuesday 25th. My tradition for the past couple years has been to visit back the creek on the weekend. However this year, Friday was very windy. And then on Saturday, though morning wasn't bad, the sudden & severe storm hit the area right at noon....... For the first time ever with Winter Pass, I cancelled a rod (I had called in in the morning).

So this week's fishing report consists only one day but here's another tradition of mine. Fishing during Thanksgiving week has been good! Especially when I haven't caught a memorable brown of the year in October, this week can make it up!!...........
I would say it was pretty much the very end of Fall baetis hatch........ Happy!
Then I started to look for Big Uns!! Rainbow is getting heavy now!
Nice one!
 And then I did it under the pouring rain/snow!!
A dramatic effect
It isn't quite as large as some others I had hooked & lost through this fall (I know...likely story) but it's still respectable and I'm satisfied.
 Another nice one in bright colors!

I've been working on Atlantic Salmon Flies with great concentration. I have completed a couple of great looking ones. But for some reasons, I can't post them for now. Here are just glimpses.......

Yesterday, since I cancelled my "field work", I worked a lot inside! I shot several videos! Here's a new one for you!

Also I have created "Playlists" and categorized my patterns. Then! Number of subscribers is reaching 100!! Much more than this blog though it's a couple of years younger!! So drop by HERE and subscribe!! (no monetary gain involved). 

More Salmon Flies and videos to come! And hope to keep fishing in December!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back to Fishing & Atlantic Salmon Flies

As forecast, this week warmed up nicely! Even too warm!? It reached over 40F for a couple of days. Is it the fall again? But also our famous November winds came back.

Anyway, I was glad to go back to fishing at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Insect hatches are not as predictable and thick as in October but hit right, it can be still fun!! Blue-Winged-Olive = baetis is still hanging on. I had a short yet viable hatch. Trout rose carefully and graciously. I had hooked but lost some potential big fish! That's all about the fall baetis fishing. I was still happy with any sizes of trout.
Fall-run browns are still consistent.
A fellow creek occupant was trying to warm up.........
Not super big but I liked the way and spot I caught this one. Also the picture quality with the new camera of mine. See me and trout are standing out of background!!??
Almost all the same spot but definitely a different and larger Browny!! Again, besides the method and spot, I like the pic itself!!
I observed this one.........He may devote his soul and flesh to the water soon.......
As said above, baetis hatches can be good but also midge hatches are still amazingly, even crazy, good and constant!!

 Just like with baetis fishing, I have hooked and lost potential larger trout........but I was still happy and satisfied with any sizes of trout.
Then, I was finally able to come back to another passion of mine = Atlantic Salmon Flies.
I checked my inventory and started the season.  One of important preparations was twisting silk for gut-loops. Slow but steady job! As I went through every step, my mind-set, motivation, and maneuvers on my fingers rekindled!!
It's been over 6 months since I last built one. I could be nervous, wondering if I could recall procedures and techniques or even being afraid if I had forgotten whole things!!
I had to get myself started anyway. The first pattern I chose was Traherne's Wonder.
I'd like to call it "not bad" for the start of my sophomore year.

Then I have just acquired this book. For contemporary Atlantic Salmon flies enthusiasts, this book is regarded as "voices" and "legend". I have some special feelings to this book.

Many more Atlantic Salmon Flies to come through winter till spring.
And I'm still looking for "Brown of The Year"!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Summary of A Cold Week

Since the last post = last Monday, weather turned really cold and winter has officially arrived. It was an odd fall to remember = warm!! Then it ended abruptly.

Yesterday, Sunday, it warmed up to bearable level (10 to 20F), so I went back fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek ( I had good fishing! Caught some nice browns! Then I forgot my camera............. So no trout pics for this post........

During those cold days, it was actually very good time to be busy with tying flies and writing articles. I filled out a couple of fly orders and updated my catalog (discussed below).

As for articles, I've written up a couple of series for Fly Anglers OnLine ( that will appear next year. Actually I just submitted a short series of technical articles from this fall's experience. The first one has just been posted. Check it!!

Since I have more audience here than my fly catalog (, let me do a little commercial break!
Here are several new flies.
Brindle Crane Larva (Improved Sparkle Crane Larva)
New color - gray! and I was successfully able to produce mottled/variegated effects!!

Spruce Prince
Call me crazy but nobody can deny the effectiveness of good-old Prince Nymph and Spruce Streamer. Actually I'm lazy as I change flies less time once I have tied this one on my tippet!
This fall's Monster Slayer!!

Marabou Matuka
This one looks simple but tying one requires some dexterity. Just like any other streamers, colors and combinations of colors are limited only by our imagination.

Mystery Spinner Selection
Oh boy, Mystery Spinners at DePuy's Spring Creek confused us as much as we enjoyed ourselves. I have 5 different patterns in 5 different colors. Check it!

Midge APE & Pupaerger - New Colors
Another successful patterns from this fall's oh-so-crazy-good midge hatches!! These new colors have became immense success along with original black (for both patterns).
Pupaerger has several more color options so check it!

Transitional Soft-Hackle
This is my new soft-hackle that's meant to fish as a dry-fly.

That's about it for now.
Then I will start shooting videos for my YouTube channel!
Hope to post a fishing report with pictures next time.
Everyone, stay warm and tie flies!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Deepens as Winter Approaches

I have shifted my daily schedule to Winter mode. From last week, I started to visit and fish DePuy Spring Creek ( in the afternoon. In the morning and at night, I'm busy with catching up with fly orders, writing articles, and many other things. Soon, you will see lots of updates on my sales catalog and YouTube channel!

Fall fishing at DePuy's is still some of the best!! Here's another Midge Mania!!
And of course Fall-Runners!!
Lots of huge Rainbows are also running in. This tells us that Fall-run has been in a full-swing!!
 Just acquired a new gear!!
Again Midge Mania!!
Then Fall-runner!!
Another midge-riser but this time in the evening.
Look!! What a Fatty!!
More Fall-runners!!
And today 10th, we've got something on the ground. Yet someone has to go out fishing!!
A new emerger pattern of mine was gladly accepted!!
More about that later..........

For the next couple of days, it sounds like colder! That's why I fished today. Meanwhile, I'd love to fill in fly orders!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Creek & Lake in The Fall

I hope everyone is able to adjust one's rhythm to the Time Change as Summer Time ended. Well, trout and bugs wouldn't adjust their feeding habit, hatching time etc!!
Last week was filled with lots of actions again!! Let me review!

At DePuy's Spring Creek (, fall-run is getting stronger and I have been catching big & aggressive trout constantly.
 New Fall fly!!

And the BEST so far!!

Another new-fly-muncher!!

I seriously started to look and fish for Fall baetis (Blue Winged Olive). This particular individual was posing YOGA?
 This fall, it would seem to be another puzzling hatch with a couple of different colors (perhaps species of baetis)..........

 That being said, I'm still and always a "Midge Mania"!!
Then on Saturday, I had an opportunity to visit and fish Burns Lake within a real working ranch, Burns Ranch, in Big Timber, MT. I shared this opportunity with my neighborhood fisherman at the creek, Bob. Over all, weather was very very nice all through the day!!
At any waters, always learning and observing.........
Bob was on fire from the morning!!
We had a simple yet very satisfying lunch and filled our bellies for afternoon!!

In the afternoon, Bob was still on fire..........
This was the BIGGEST to the boat! A nice buck!!
Another nice buck!!
Somehow I was having very slow time. Remember I was NOT guiding but fishing!! As I was taking pictures for Bob with his camera, I used some "art functions" and didn't set back......... Then finally I got a huge bite too!! And Bob took these pics with "dramatic" mode!!

Typical of Burns Kamloop!! Now I'm happy too!!

We ended the day with a nice Cutthroat!! 
It was a great day with a good fishing pardner. Thanks Bob for great pictures!

I go back to the creek tomorrow. Let's see how trout and bugs have adjusted to the new time........No, it's us who need to adjust to their life and time!!