Monday, November 17, 2014

Summary of A Cold Week

Since the last post = last Monday, weather turned really cold and winter has officially arrived. It was an odd fall to remember = warm!! Then it ended abruptly.

Yesterday, Sunday, it warmed up to bearable level (10 to 20F), so I went back fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek ( I had good fishing! Caught some nice browns! Then I forgot my camera............. So no trout pics for this post........

During those cold days, it was actually very good time to be busy with tying flies and writing articles. I filled out a couple of fly orders and updated my catalog (discussed below).

As for articles, I've written up a couple of series for Fly Anglers OnLine ( that will appear next year. Actually I just submitted a short series of technical articles from this fall's experience. The first one has just been posted. Check it!!

Since I have more audience here than my fly catalog (, let me do a little commercial break!
Here are several new flies.
Brindle Crane Larva (Improved Sparkle Crane Larva)
New color - gray! and I was successfully able to produce mottled/variegated effects!!

Spruce Prince
Call me crazy but nobody can deny the effectiveness of good-old Prince Nymph and Spruce Streamer. Actually I'm lazy as I change flies less time once I have tied this one on my tippet!
This fall's Monster Slayer!!

Marabou Matuka
This one looks simple but tying one requires some dexterity. Just like any other streamers, colors and combinations of colors are limited only by our imagination.

Mystery Spinner Selection
Oh boy, Mystery Spinners at DePuy's Spring Creek confused us as much as we enjoyed ourselves. I have 5 different patterns in 5 different colors. Check it!

Midge APE & Pupaerger - New Colors
Another successful patterns from this fall's oh-so-crazy-good midge hatches!! These new colors have became immense success along with original black (for both patterns).
Pupaerger has several more color options so check it!

Transitional Soft-Hackle
This is my new soft-hackle that's meant to fish as a dry-fly.

That's about it for now.
Then I will start shooting videos for my YouTube channel!
Hope to post a fishing report with pictures next time.
Everyone, stay warm and tie flies!


  1. Nice article on FAOL Satoshi. Looking forward to the next one. See you on the creek.....

    1. Thanks, Les. Much nicer weather we've got than last week! See you around.