Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of Feb (Beginning of Spring!?)

It's been an odd month. February started with 60F and now it's 20F or so = cold!
Actually the same goes with fishing: it started very tough and now it's strangely good! Let's look!

I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( every week. This winter, browns seem recovered from their spawning quickly. Any sizes of browns fight hard as ever, even reminds me of rainbows' turbo pulls!!

Then, Spring hatches have begun!!  This is, in my notes, one month earlier than usual!!
Spring hatches mean: Midges and, yes, BWO = baetis 

even PMD too?

Then, rainbows are quietly yet surely moving........
Another very welcoming surprise: guide trip request in February! Totally unanticipated (and very suddenly) but I consider my operation and myself are open-year-around. I was able to put things together quickly and destination was my always-go-to DePuy's. It was a bit sparser than the report above, yet I was able to introduce very-early-spring hatches to my client.
After hatches, we "nymphed" along the creek. This was some of the most colorful Cutbow!!

 Chilly.........but actions kept us going.

Covered all trout species!!

Apparently this was the first trip for the year and for my own outfitting operation. I'd like to say it was a good start. I will find out how March rolls.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Creek Report & "Unnamed Project"

This past week, weather turned more winter-like. I would again say it's a "moderate winter". Nobody around here misses blizzards of last year this time but I don't like too dry & warm winter either. I'd rather feel the season.

I chose somewhat cloudy afternoons to visit DePuy's Spring Creek ( Following pictures show it was "colorful"!!
Very nice brown for this year.
Warm enough to do this!
And this!
Rainbows are doing something.............
Then when condition is right (somewhat warm and bright but no wind), midges are hatching! I had fished for constant rising trout (less than an hour though) for the first time this year! I had fun and was happy regardless of fish size!
Then, my Atlantic Salmon Fly season is turning into the final stage. I wasn't sure, as of last November, how it would be due to all the business matters (Outfitter application, business set-ups, etc). I wasn't sure what the final project would be. I have been posting my flies and framing (and rest of business is going well). I have chosen the most ambitious and challenging task for myself. It's to complete "Unnamed Patterns from the 19th Century" introduced by the late Al Cohen in this book.
I posted one of three in the previous post. Well, here's the one on the cover. As seen or not, you be the judge.
Then another, perhaps the most complicated among three, as seen in Al's chapter.
For the framing, just like anything else, I did have a plan and an idea but I wasn't sure if I could achieve it or how it turned out. More unsure than my flies!! But I guess miracle could happen to anyone. This is what I came up with.
All three are assembled in a 18" x 14" shadowbox with my personal memoir to one of our ancestors.
This is Round 1!!
I already started Round 2 last night!! I hope to reproduce flies in the same quality and appearance. But I'm not sure about the framing yet. I might do exactly the same or change colors etc. Maybe overall I keep improving!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

(Temporarily) Winter Day

It's been too nice weather = over 60F = but today temporarily winter came back. Livingston folks woke up with  a sheet = 1-inch = of snow and cloudy sky. My kinda day! I called in DePuy's Spring Creek ( and showed up, as always, 12:30. Then I realized all the show was gone and the sun was somewhat on. Hmmmm funny weather. I also noticed the creek was booked in full! Wow, that's great for this time of year. But I guess I know how to scoot around others and find somewhere to fish, then actually catch one or two.
A very satisfying River 'Bow!
This brown fought like rainbows = swim hard and come at me!
 I was surprised by the shape of this brown. I thought it looked like the summer-shape for this time of year.
It may sound a bit too early, but I have started to work on the final Salmon Fly project for the season (till spring). It's due to my new business matters and aforementioned East Idaho Fly Tying Expo.

I just can't write a whole story here but I will do a tribute dressing for Al Cohen with his "Three Unnamed Patterns from the 19th Century" in:
I started with No.3 (in order of appearance, not named so).
This one looked the LEAST complicated among three but............
As of now, I'm working on the second dressing and a grand framing scheme.
I keep my progress posted, as well as weather report!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Big News (& The Usual)

It seems my new website,, being clicked. Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you in a near future.

I'd like to announce another big news for this winter-spring. I'm invited as a demonstration fly-tyer to East Idaho Fly Tying Expo (, which will be held in Idaho Falls on April 17th (Fri.) and 18th (Sat.). 
This will be my first ever public tying, except for my YouTube channel, that I'm very anxious for. Last year I visited as an audience and noticed this is indeed a tying/tyer oriented expo. Also this is the nearest and largest show of the kind in my area.
I will be at one of tyers' seats:
17th: 3 - 6pm
18th: Noon - 4pm
On Saturday,18th, a superb banquette will follow after the PM session (dinner and raffles).

I don't say "come & see me!!" rather I'd like to say "join this truly tying oriented show". There will be many good tyers, including some world-class tyers. My Atlantic Salmon Fly Mentor will come too!!
I keep you updated as it gets closer and I get more information.

What a weather!! What a winter!! I kept saying "moderate winter" but I've been forced to change that to "warm winter" as of last week. Air temp reached 60s!! Everyone in this area remembers that exactly a year ago we were experiencing 20 BELOW 0!! Furthermore, last Friday and Saturday, winds were dangerously strong so I couldn't even go outside.
Sunday turned out to be much better. It was very comfortable to be at DePuy's Spring Creek (  But with the bright condition and just "typical of this time of year", trout seemed scattering around. Without being conceited, it's very unusual for me to take that long till I catch one!
My time for Atlantic Salmon Flies is somewhat limited due to all business matters but when I'm into one, I complete with a commitment.
Here's The Baron (George M. Kelson) on Harrison-Bartleet 4/0.

Then I have to see myself that my framing is also getting better. Pardon my own shadow and background (no flash), but this picture shows that the fly is "very much floating" in the frame under normal light conditions.

Originally I donated this design to Warriors & Quiet Waters to honor their organization, activities, and participants (traumatized soldiers). I kept quiet about it but just the other day this fly was featured in the newsletter so it would be a right time to give it a public light.

I'm working on an order (two flies) with special "edge" of the frame.  One more to go!

I still have a couple more Salmon Fly projects that I hope to complete till spring. Outfitting operation has been set and ready. Then getting ready for Expo!
It's been and will be the busiest and fulfilling winter-spring!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


This past week, right after I was officially licensed as a Montana Outfitter, I worked on lots of business matters. The biggest project for me was to build and release the official website, as I mentioned in the previous post. Well, then here it is. Please welcome & bookmark:
I keep running this blog! This new website is meant to integrate my business information and contents I've been publishing on this blog, including weekly (usually) fishing report. There's always things to add/improve, such as secure online payment, but I figured it was good enough to go.
Right now I'm offering "The Opening Discount" to celebrate the beginning of my own outfitting operation. Until May 31st, limited to guide-trips to private spring creeks and private lakes/ponds, 10% off from my regular guide rate. Spring is the very productive time of year but also overlooked by many anglers. Consequently, it's kept among locals. Again, drop by my website and see the slide-show!
After all the indoor works were completed, it was time for me to work outside. It was a bit too chilly at DePuy's Spring Creek ( with gentle yet bone-chilling Norther. My usual spots for this time of year didn't produce any actions. This little brown was good enough, I thought!
But I stepped into one of my secret spots and fished there with the technique and approach ONLY I CAN DO. 
It looked like a "River Runner".
 Later, at a different spot, another nice 'Bow!

Booking is going well! It's good to reconnect with my past clients and hope to meet new people/clients this season.