Sunday, February 1, 2015


This past week, right after I was officially licensed as a Montana Outfitter, I worked on lots of business matters. The biggest project for me was to build and release the official website, as I mentioned in the previous post. Well, then here it is. Please welcome & bookmark:
I keep running this blog! This new website is meant to integrate my business information and contents I've been publishing on this blog, including weekly (usually) fishing report. There's always things to add/improve, such as secure online payment, but I figured it was good enough to go.
Right now I'm offering "The Opening Discount" to celebrate the beginning of my own outfitting operation. Until May 31st, limited to guide-trips to private spring creeks and private lakes/ponds, 10% off from my regular guide rate. Spring is the very productive time of year but also overlooked by many anglers. Consequently, it's kept among locals. Again, drop by my website and see the slide-show!
After all the indoor works were completed, it was time for me to work outside. It was a bit too chilly at DePuy's Spring Creek ( with gentle yet bone-chilling Norther. My usual spots for this time of year didn't produce any actions. This little brown was good enough, I thought!
But I stepped into one of my secret spots and fished there with the technique and approach ONLY I CAN DO. 
It looked like a "River Runner".
 Later, at a different spot, another nice 'Bow!

Booking is going well! It's good to reconnect with my past clients and hope to meet new people/clients this season.

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