Monday, January 26, 2015

NEWS!!!! (Then My Usual Contents)

I'd like to make a huge announcement. I'm licensed as a Montana Outfitter. That means from this season I run my own Guiding/Outfitting Operation for Fly-Fishing in the state of Montana!!!!
My Outfitting name is "LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES". 
There soon will be a brandnew & exciting website, which I'm working on very hard. Of course I keep running this blog and all the information current. 
I start to take bookings and inquiries from just now!!
Click on "Guide Service 2015" for now. Then wait for my brandnew website. 

Now let's get back to my usual.
I'd say it's been moderate winter this season.  I've been picking up nice afternoon to visit DePuy's Spring Creek ( I've been getting constant actions.

This year, Winter-Run of Rainbows seem stronger than the past.
I just received wonderful materials to work with. I got two different tones of dun saddle, Silver Grade, from Whiting!! Apparently these are for many of my mayfly patterns!!
Well then, I'd say I stepped up this season regarding Atlantic Salmon Flies. Truth is I'm dressing much less than last year this time, instead much better (yes, headline was the reason I've been so busy and I will be so till spring.....). After "Yamamoto Selection" completion, I decided to work on some more serious and professional framing. First, I need a fly that might be worth framing, right?
Here's Jock Scott (Dr. Pryce-Tannatt) on CS10/3 2/0
And then...........(pardon the camera flash, but I had no way to prevent it....)
I actually felt more nervous and heart-pumping while I was making it "float" than mounting married-wings!! Just like my flies, there are many more details to improve with the framing but for the first time, I like it!!
Now you know why I've kept saying "it's gonna be a busy winter-spring".
Outfitter business (booking trips, building a website, etc), on top of fishing, fly-dressing, and framing!!