Monday, January 15, 2018

Yellowstone Winter

It's been a great winter in Yellowstone Country! - It's up to each individual how to take it: cold & harsh😰, nasty roads to drive (very careful out there!!)😱, and for fly-fishing perspective, 2018 will be another good water year👍😁❗❗
Up until spring, keep checking SNOTEL info.

It's also a great time to explore and experience on your own. We drove to and walked some in Yellowstone National Park!

On the way to our favorite Lamar- Soda Butte Meadows - for fishing and any activities! - we spotted animals in the bottom of Lamar Canyon, along with several cars in a pullout. Even from the car, they looked different from more commonly observed coyotes.
 We believe we spotted wolves - for the first time for us👏

They were definitely larger than coyotes or foxes, plus coat colors were also different from theirs😏

Then we hit a trail with snowshoe. It's slightly less popular than other marked ones, only occupied by several beast🐉🐊
To the monument✌
A mandatory Buff selfie
On the way out of the Park, we stopped by Yellowstone Forever, located just outside of Roosevelt Gate.  It's quite a nice store with good information (live animal tracker🐻🐺🐂). I couldn't help but picking up a unique guide book: I'll keep it in my track so my Japanese clients can learn on the way!

For fly-fishers out there, winter may not be an ideal time to visit Yellowstone Park and surrounding area, however if you happen to be here for businesses etc., or if you want to experience something new for winter, Yellowstone Park is still a place to go😉💖
We will go back through winter and spring😄