Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekly Misc. Report

I've been running around, either on foot or on board. Also either in Montana or in Yellowstone National Park. Fishing has been wonderful. Also we are experiencing very unpredictable weather. It's totally up to each individual how it's taken. I, for one, am up to be outside under any weather condition! Let's review!

I had fine two teen brothers for Lower Yellowstone float trip! We had some huge golden shadows coming up to our large dry-flies!!! That will haunt us for a while..............

Veteran and Upper Cutty!

I initiated another rookie under Big Sky!

It's time!! ------ from 11-inch Cutty!!

We were hit by mud-plug but we kept fishing till the take-out. Our patience and perseverance paid off!!

Till next update............

Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Busman's Holiday on Gallatin

I had a day break from guiding streak. I could have slept in but the moment I was awake, I was like "where am I going today?". I decided to hit Gallatin within Yellowstone Park boundary (plus a little a bit in Montana). It was originally meant for scouting but I ended up having too much fun! Let's go look!!

Gallatin is very cold. It's no strange to wear waders (though I didn't). I don't think I'm wrong to say "Gallatin is a classic fly-fishing trout stream". What I mean by this statement is: trout are not willing to come up on dry-flies until water warms up a bit in the afternoon. Till then nymphing is very productive. I was so amazed by the feisty and healthiness of trout!! Very strong regardless of actual sizes!!

Then in the afternoon, I unleashed my dry-flies. I started with "searching attractors". I had satisfying actions within several minutes with only several casts!! I pumped one of them and found it very very interesting!! YES, Green Drake and tiny Leaf Hopper were present!!

At a glance Gallatin just looks like a typical "attactor-is-all-you-need" stream. Never ignore some insect hatches and corresponding trout behavior!! I tied on Extended Foam Green Drake!!

 At a certain pool, I had bites after rises!!
 See it!!
 This was very strong!! Acting like a submarine!!

After hatch seemed over, I prospected with terrestrial patterns. Now I was thinking about tiny leaf hopper I had found. Though size was different, color was accepted!!

Then I caught "Westsloper" in a very while!! Lovely!! & Happy!!

Some people argue and complain "Montana is experiencing low water and fishing is not good this year"........That's a huge lie and just an excuse of them for not catching fish!! Come and experience yourself!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Misc. Report

Rainbow, Brown, Cutty, Brookie, on-foot, float, rain, mud slide,................ Miscellaneous things happened this past week. One thing in common: Dry-fly fishing!!

We are busy in the landmark year of landmark shop!

Brookies again help us introduce the essence of fly-fishing to "rookies" anglers!

I haven't rigged "bobbers" and "buggers" in my boat yet this year!!
Sunny day and then 5 minutes later........
Cut-bows are very strong!
Very popular menu of recent!!

Evening caddis brown!
Again, Brookie and Rookie!
Rare Upper Brown!
Large mouth Cutty caught on hopper!
This is the mud-slide-in spot......

Fish Thief of one afternoon!!

See you along the river!
Till then.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yellowstone River Float & Dry-Fly Fishing!!

So I was busy fishing and guiding in Yellowstone Park waters and Livingston's spring creeks. I have started to take float trips on Yellowstone River one by one.
To make long story (& thought) short, Yellowstone River is ONE DIVERSE river as it contains (or is made out of) all the characters of Park waters and spring creeks!! I always try to introduce insect hatches, water reading, and how to present dry-flies. I'm not a dry-fly elitist but whole process to catch trout with dry-flies is the classic textbook and enjoyment of fly-fishing, especially for novice and beginning anglers. Then, floating Yellowstone River in scenic Paradise Valley and eventually in rugged wild structures below Livingston is always a breath-taking experience even for local anglers.

Carbella to Point of Rocks, my favorite stretch. Winds were very uncooperative but boys did their best!

"The Bird" (Grey Owl to Mallards Rest)!!

This rainbow had one of most interesting stomach content.
It was full of small caddis larvae!! Never seen trout exclusively feeding on caddis larvae, furthermore in this small size!!

We could successfully meet Yellowstone Cutty!!

What about hot flies? One particular custom fly at Parks' Fly Shop ( is very successful recently!!
Contact Parks' Fly Shop to see this secret guide flies!! For better experience, float Mighty 'Stone with us!!
I gotta run! Till next post.......

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Other Mayfly in Trout's Menu

So Pale Morning Dun (click for details)hatch is still strong on spring creeks in Livingston. Various hatching stages of PMD are definitely main dish for trout. But also, the more I fish, the more I "learn & observe". As I conduct stomach-pumping, I have been finding a certain amount of another mayfly species. It's still considerably minor compared to PMD but as long as certain number of trout are keying on, I can't ignore. And I have developed fly patterns matching for spring creeks!!
Let's see my PMD patterns first.

Sawyer PT - Master Angler Version is the staple among staples.

My own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple.

And this is the other species that has been ticking my mind and imagination; Mahogany Dun (click for details).

As you can see in the link, Mahogany Dun nymphs have distinctive abdomens. Then over all silhouette is thinner than PMD nymphs. So I modified Sawyer PT a bit.

I also adjusted Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple into Mahogany Version, that I like it myself!

At Livingston's spring creeks, size 18 is what's mostly seen.
Again, PMD hatch is the most important and that's what you should fish for. But if you want to add some spices on your days, or if you happen to observe Mahogany Dun are taken over PMD, then tie some on!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spinner Evenings Continue

It can't be redundant. DePuy's ( is fishing really well!! PMD hatch is very good, if not phenomenal. Lots of Yellowstone Cutthroat are in system. As in my last report, I completed my guide trips at DePuy's but I went back for "busman's holiday".........Nothing wrong with that!!

I just got home. Yes I caught only one and missed several. But the only one is............
Just as spinners falling and trout starting to rise, this massive brown was sipping in a shallow riffle, where most of anglers simply step in without noticing, not to mention, casting!! It was again on FLYMPH in my last post.

I'm getting the same positive information about Armstrong's on O'Hair Ranch (
Seeing is believing. Come and enjoy some of the best seasons for Livingston's spring creek!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

DePuy's Spinner Fall - How Late Do You Want to Stay & Fish?

I had two nice days with clients at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Mid-morning PMD hatch was great, just as it has been!!
When creek is booked full, popular spots experience some angler traffic. Yet I can still find spots for my people!! One particular spot was boiling due to rising trout!!

Evening spinner time on Day 1. Again I spotted an untouched water by other anglers. I was working very hard with an elder client at a group of rising trout. With his son and my guide mentor Tom Travis (Montana's Master Angler) on the bank, we got into trout!! Followings are sequence shots by Tom.

It was a nice Cutthroat!!
After this, we all got hit by severe thunder storm!! No way we could keep on fishing......
PMD hatch on Day 2 was just as good as Day 1. We fished a different section from Day 1 during the hatch. Temperature hit over 90F in the afternoon. However just about comfortable level of scoal hit the area to cool things down. We had some high expectations on evening spinner falls!! By then almost all anglers were gone home. I've been scouting spots and trout activities. I KNOW the best spot for actions and potentially some big individuals. When the Sun was behind the West bank, water started to boil with rising and sipping trout!! They were feeding on tremendous amount of PMD spinners floating on the surface. We spotted one large mouth sticking out of the surface and decided to focus on only that individual. It seemed BIG! We adjusted angles and drifts many a time. I know we were doing our best offering but the particular trout were sipping very very selectively so I changed flies more than several times. Learning from and trained by the creek, trout, and Master Angler, I finally deducted a right answer: FLYMPH - Master Angler Version size 18 light olive, FISHED as a DRY-FLY on the surface.

It was quite a battle for both angler and netter!! We were rewarded by a nice brown trout, measured BIG!! Some of the best experience I ever had on the creek!!
 Really nice Boy!!
 After that, it got darker. I changed my hat and sunglasses. And to make netting a bit easier, I grabbed my (ridiculously big) boat net! We had several nice Cutthroat too!!
And another fine trout, this time a strong Rainbow!!

Evening rise went on............ We lost track of time.........

Everyone has other commitment in life so staying and fishing late may not be for everyone. Also every different angler has his/her way of choice(s) and favorite situation(s) to fish for. However, remember this PMD spinner actions can be experienced only during a certain time of the year.

"Guiding is not a 9-5 job like at the bank. Remember the length of the day is always up to clients. Some clients want to fish late. Work hard for them. But never raise a voice unless it's in a laughter."  - Don Williams' words, learned via Tom Travis.
If clients are willing to stay late and fish hard, I will be there for you!!
Come and experience great summer fishing at Livingston's spring creeks!!