Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yellowstone River Float & Dry-Fly Fishing!!

So I was busy fishing and guiding in Yellowstone Park waters and Livingston's spring creeks. I have started to take float trips on Yellowstone River one by one.
To make long story (& thought) short, Yellowstone River is ONE DIVERSE river as it contains (or is made out of) all the characters of Park waters and spring creeks!! I always try to introduce insect hatches, water reading, and how to present dry-flies. I'm not a dry-fly elitist but whole process to catch trout with dry-flies is the classic textbook and enjoyment of fly-fishing, especially for novice and beginning anglers. Then, floating Yellowstone River in scenic Paradise Valley and eventually in rugged wild structures below Livingston is always a breath-taking experience even for local anglers.

Carbella to Point of Rocks, my favorite stretch. Winds were very uncooperative but boys did their best!

"The Bird" (Grey Owl to Mallards Rest)!!

This rainbow had one of most interesting stomach content.
It was full of small caddis larvae!! Never seen trout exclusively feeding on caddis larvae, furthermore in this small size!!

We could successfully meet Yellowstone Cutty!!

What about hot flies? One particular custom fly at Parks' Fly Shop ( is very successful recently!!
Contact Parks' Fly Shop to see this secret guide flies!! For better experience, float Mighty 'Stone with us!!
I gotta run! Till next post.......

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