Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall Fishing

At this point in early October, it seems the fall has had a very short life and the winter is showing itself............ Following is the reports from September. Yes I'm very behind. I was busy, involved in something else that I may announce later.

In September, there were a couple of over 90F days. Rest were mix of rain and clouds that made us feel some chills. Yes, it was indeed a fall.

In my note, it was a very rare "dry-fly double" on Yellowstone River.

I had one angler who wanted to pry Bighorn River.
This one was just longer than my hand, but with the totally odd shape. Definitely well-fed!!

Morning glory!!
 We fished for the remaining Trico!
From 90F days in Eastern MT, it was quite a change at Slough Creek in YNP!!
It was very slow in the morning. However, with our patience and perseverance, we had rising trout!!

The wrap up of his trip was on DePuy's Spring Creek
It was a midge day!!

 And the finale was this massive brown trout😲
Was this an early fall-runner or it happened to be there? Or hanging around through summer?

Let's see what October brings.
It's also time for me to work on Atlantic salmon flies.........💞