Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fishing Full-Time (kinda) This Week

I've been working on my blogs (English & Japanese) a lot lately. With some bloody effort, I created this page: 
Hope this will help you choose & decide which month(s) to visit & fish our Greater Yellowstone Country!

WOW!! We are experiencing another big pack of snow! Air temp is bearable as it's not windy. But there's always a possibility of our vehicles getting stuck, if not buried, so always be cautious. For the first time since last November, I fished more than anything else this past week. Full-time!!........not exactly as it was 4 afternoons......... Apparently DePuy Spring Creek ( is the place to be. It's not whole a lot yet but rainbows are getting active. They are coloring up gorgeously and gaining weight & strength. Number of bigger individuals is also increasing as the day goes by!!

Don't underestimate ones about this size! Though I'm quickly hoisting with one arm for a pic, these guys will fight hard and pull out my line!!

One trouble.............Water on the line seeped into the screw of the reel handle and froze. With my reeling motion, I must have untwisted the handle. I couldn't hang onto. I could pick up a washer in the creek but handle was gone. I gotta talk to the company.
Yesterday, I was fishing with "as is". It was very hard to fight with rainbows in current condition. Furthermore, I left my net in my truck!
For this one, at least I had a net with me. Definitely a "River Trout"!!
Last but not the least, though now I'm tying slightly less than past many weeks, Atlantic salmon Flies still captivate my heart and occupy my mind the most. I found this one of historical works = A must for serious "Fly Dresser" (I start to call myself so from now on). This can be downloaded for free. Check out:
You can look for any other old books (fishing, flies, any subjects). Have fun!

Durham Ranger: My best & hardest work.
Uhhhhhhh, more snow falling........ Good time to read the book above and file tax till next friendly weather arrive!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trout+Atlantic Salmon Flies+New Gear = I'm Happy!!

Weather was improved. At the same time Master Breeder "Propaganda" tour has also started.

So I hit DePuy's ( as always. I'm not sure if the cold days affected or not but somehow I'm catching more brown trout than rainbows. Actually all browns. Nothing wrong with that. Sooner or later, rainbows are coming into the creek!

Just at my regular spot, I set the hook for the take. Gotcha! Nice one!........... Then I thought "I know you!!" If you scroll down to the last post, you see a nice brown I'm holding. That was on 8th. 5 days later, I caught her again!! If you enlarge both photos and compare spots (colors, patterns, and locations) and many other traits, you would agree with me that this is the same fish!!
Scars on the back look familiar too.
This fish and the rest, I caught them with one single pattern; L.L. Beads.
Never underestimate the power of this stupid looking fly!!
So here's a revival.

I'm having great times at my bench with Atlantic Salmon Flies. It's something.
Childers: Over all I'd like to call it very good! I wish I should have chosen a topping with less curvature. Other than that I like my work for each element, particularly horns.

Green Highlander: I decided to re-work on this one since November. To be honest, I have started to see & notice "touches" (I'm saying "ugly"!!) on my past ties. This is the growth of mine. Now I can critique my own. I wanted to see how much progress I have made in 3 months. It ended the under-wing kicking up somewhat. I didn't fix well and enough before attaching the main-wing. But over all, I can see clear differences. I set wing and topping short from the tail on purpose.

McIntyre: This is a bit unique & interesting pattern for me to tie. Honestly I should have tied with a 4/0 hook! (this is 2/0). Yet I'm satisfied with over all appearance, especially the nice little wool-head!

Last but not the least, I just got a new gear for this upcoming fishing/guiding season! I was at a hardware store in town and looking for some framing devices and parts for my Atlantic Salmon Flies (more about that later). Then in the discount rack, I found this nice little LED light with lithium batteries!! This should last a looooooong time. And this will help me and my clients till dark, especially at spring creeks!! I'm already excited!!

I have started new antler projects as of today. So I'll be busy again with fishing the creek, antler projects, and Atlantic Salmon flies!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Fishing Report

Before I go on the first ever "pure fishing report" post in a while, I have one news/announcement to share. Many of you know, and even join in, International Federation of Fly Fishers (formerly Federation of Fly Fishers; Their head office and museum is located right here in Livingston. It's a worthless information but I live in a walking distance of two blocks behind them. They will hold an International Fly Fishing Fair right here in Livingston (click here).  I have become an "unofficial" Ambassador to promote event to and generate more participants to Japanese Anglers. I'm doing more on the Facebook page.

Also, to all of you American and world-wide readers, many of you may come this way for the event. Even if you don't join the event or plan to visit around here other times of year, stop by IFFF building and check their museum.
They have full of awesome stuffs!! Library holds many a valuable historical books!!
My Master's work!!
 This is just a part of the wall. There are many more showcases and stuffs on other walls.
Museum will be open during the Fair. But also if you are passing from/to, say, Yellowstone Park at other occasions, I suggest you to drop by anyway.

Coldness got somewhat loose on Saturday. Yet it was still "cold" in general, especially for fishing. But with one Atlantic Salmon fly project completed, my mind was filled with hot desire to go fishing. At least winds seemed gentle, so I hit DePuy's ( Well, it was cold........... 11F plus some NE breezes........... But unfortunately there were some willing trout!
 Rainbows are getting heavier and stronger!!
 Then I got a surprise! Actually surprised after I transferred pictures from my camera to computer. It was a nice brown on my hands. But I didn't recognize this big till I see this photo on screen!
Then today Sunday, I woke up with another foot of fresh snow........... It was supposed to be improved, wasn't it, weather people!? Temperature was single-digit at the highest. I hit the creek anyway. Just like yesterday, I hooked then lost one potential big one. This brown wasn't as small or medium as it looks. Indeed it fought a lot.
Over all, one particular pattern of mine is very effective right now.

It should be warming up next week. Regardless of weather, I already know fishing = numbers & sizes = is getting better and better from now on!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold Again in February & Unique Fly Tying Tool

COLD!! As of this typing, probably outside temperature is 15 below 0 (feels like 25 below 0).
Here in Paradise Valley, we actually enjoyed nice winter days in January; easily bearable yet we have good snow accumulations that have us expect good river flows in the area. Then now it's like this!! Just we experienced in early December 2013........ We don't want this.........

Last weekend was actually very nice. Last Saturday afternoon, temperature was about 13F but no winds. With some sunshine, it was nice to be out. I hit my favorite DePuy's Spring Creek ( I was all by myself except for these companions.
 Steaming at Betty's Riffle...........
And at the Middle Section.

I didn't catch anything huge but all trout I hooked were very "leapy" and "fighty".
Always studying.
I actually hooked one nice rainbow in spawning phase. As always lost........... Regardless of sizes, rainbows are gaining weight and power!!
My Atlantic Salmon Fly projects are still occupying majority of my time and concentration.
Here's Jock Scott, the ultimate classic and challenge.

Today, I further pursued into. Indian Crow feather for tail-veiling is hard to get, if not pretty much impossible (click the link and you will find "EXTINCT"). I have learned the best substitute/alternative available for us "Salmon Flyer" is the neck feather of Ringneck Pheasant. Then to imitate the best of real Indian Crow appearance, we can use a devise to achieve the shape. You know who devised this? Well, the great master of mine.......... I owe him a lot directly and indirectly (By indirectly, I mean he's so well spoken among enthusiasts).
Not as exactly as his model, but pretty close. My master uses neoprene pieces but I believe I could achieve very closely with pieces of foams that are used for fly tying.

 Yes, I created several of them and each was tested on many feathers!!

Here's how it works.

And here's the difference.
Need I say more?

So I won't mind staying inside tie more flies inside.
Assuming weather backs up this weekend, as they say, I can go back to fishing...........