Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold Again in February & Unique Fly Tying Tool

COLD!! As of this typing, probably outside temperature is 15 below 0 (feels like 25 below 0).
Here in Paradise Valley, we actually enjoyed nice winter days in January; easily bearable yet we have good snow accumulations that have us expect good river flows in the area. Then now it's like this!! Just we experienced in early December 2013........ We don't want this.........

Last weekend was actually very nice. Last Saturday afternoon, temperature was about 13F but no winds. With some sunshine, it was nice to be out. I hit my favorite DePuy's Spring Creek ( I was all by myself except for these companions.
 Steaming at Betty's Riffle...........
And at the Middle Section.

I didn't catch anything huge but all trout I hooked were very "leapy" and "fighty".
Always studying.
I actually hooked one nice rainbow in spawning phase. As always lost........... Regardless of sizes, rainbows are gaining weight and power!!
My Atlantic Salmon Fly projects are still occupying majority of my time and concentration.
Here's Jock Scott, the ultimate classic and challenge.

Today, I further pursued into. Indian Crow feather for tail-veiling is hard to get, if not pretty much impossible (click the link and you will find "EXTINCT"). I have learned the best substitute/alternative available for us "Salmon Flyer" is the neck feather of Ringneck Pheasant. Then to imitate the best of real Indian Crow appearance, we can use a devise to achieve the shape. You know who devised this? Well, the great master of mine.......... I owe him a lot directly and indirectly (By indirectly, I mean he's so well spoken among enthusiasts).
Not as exactly as his model, but pretty close. My master uses neoprene pieces but I believe I could achieve very closely with pieces of foams that are used for fly tying.

 Yes, I created several of them and each was tested on many feathers!!

Here's how it works.

And here's the difference.
Need I say more?

So I won't mind staying inside tie more flies inside.
Assuming weather backs up this weekend, as they say, I can go back to fishing...........

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