Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fishing Full-Time (kinda) This Week

I've been working on my blogs (English & Japanese) a lot lately. With some bloody effort, I created this page: 
Hope this will help you choose & decide which month(s) to visit & fish our Greater Yellowstone Country!

WOW!! We are experiencing another big pack of snow! Air temp is bearable as it's not windy. But there's always a possibility of our vehicles getting stuck, if not buried, so always be cautious. For the first time since last November, I fished more than anything else this past week. Full-time!!........not exactly as it was 4 afternoons......... Apparently DePuy Spring Creek ( is the place to be. It's not whole a lot yet but rainbows are getting active. They are coloring up gorgeously and gaining weight & strength. Number of bigger individuals is also increasing as the day goes by!!

Don't underestimate ones about this size! Though I'm quickly hoisting with one arm for a pic, these guys will fight hard and pull out my line!!

One trouble.............Water on the line seeped into the screw of the reel handle and froze. With my reeling motion, I must have untwisted the handle. I couldn't hang onto. I could pick up a washer in the creek but handle was gone. I gotta talk to the company.
Yesterday, I was fishing with "as is". It was very hard to fight with rainbows in current condition. Furthermore, I left my net in my truck!
For this one, at least I had a net with me. Definitely a "River Trout"!!
Last but not the least, though now I'm tying slightly less than past many weeks, Atlantic salmon Flies still captivate my heart and occupy my mind the most. I found this one of historical works = A must for serious "Fly Dresser" (I start to call myself so from now on). This can be downloaded for free. Check out:
You can look for any other old books (fishing, flies, any subjects). Have fun!

Durham Ranger: My best & hardest work.
Uhhhhhhh, more snow falling........ Good time to read the book above and file tax till next friendly weather arrive!!

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