Thursday, January 31, 2019

Salmon Flies 2019

We have had a few snow storms but over all this winter has still been average = just cold and snow accumulation at our headwaters are just around average.

I've been primarily busy with my salmon fly projects. Here's one that has been going on since the end of last year.

I designed this😎 Although I don't mean to totally replace the previous colorful one, I just needed one that's much simpler and totally original.
And that's for a totally original item❗❗❗
My own outfitting logo hat has just been created👏👏👏❗❗❗❗
 As you can definitely tell from this picture, it sports a 4-inch long bill, that should offer me perfect shade while fishing!!

Inside is special too. It's lined with comfortable and cool & stain-minimizing mesh😁
Now my logo is a silhouette of a salmon fly😲
And the belt & buckle will adjust exactly for one's and each head😇

I'm sincerely glad that I did lots of researches and pondering.
I could have asked someone to design a logo but I really wanted to do on my own. Then, once the logo was made, there are so many styles of hats available, including much less expensive ones. But I wanted a hat that can be one of our important and essential gears while fly-fishing. The long bill style here is not just a distinctive appearance but also it does give us some more extra shade than regular hats😎.

Luckily I have a professional model right here😊

Now here are actual salmon flies😲 that I dressed since the last post.
Rocke's Fancy (G.M. Kelson)

Stevenson (G.M. Kelson)

Gitana (Major Traherne)
This is another elaborated Tarherne patterns😫 with so many feathers. But it's very rewarding when it was successfully wrapped up with a neat head😬

I have a few more patterns to dress and frame this season. In other words, I have to see the end of my salmon fly season😥😭

Saturday, December 29, 2018

'Tis The Season

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year🎄🎅🎉🎊
I have sent out a newsletter from my main website. If you have not joined, sign up or you let me know so you don't miss any future news and announcements from me😉

Also this is the season to be deeply engaged with Atlantic salmon flies and arts. Nowadays these tend to be published on social media = Instagram & Facebook = so if you haven't registered or found me yet, please do so and you'll get the latest updates ASAP😉

Also #2, I just conducted some major changes on my website. You know my other blog = fly catalog site. I moved all of my Atlantic Salmon Fly contents to my main website. I made a short update on my catalog site. Then if you go to my main website, you'll see all the improvements❗❗ 

As I have been doing for the past few years, I submitted my works to Livingston Center for Art & Culture. Items for this exhibition have grown to be an opportunity for me to show slightly unconventional, compared to traditional Atlantic salmon flies and framing methods. This time, both flies and framing methods are free-style and I decided to "go country"😲

Queen of Silver Dollar - an inspirational & interpretive dressing of the song by Emmylou Harris.

The Man in Black - an inspirational & interpretive dressing for Johnny Cash.

For both flies, I attached a laminated "artist note" about the concept. Feel free to ask!

Gaudy Fly - tied on a gold broach pin. Pattern itself is a very classic but dressing on a broach pin was the very first attempt😳. I tried to dress as Gaudy as I could, and managed the features of the pin💪👏

Presented in a showcase style box❗

Then I resumed my winter project. I completed George M. Kelson's "The Salmon Fly" Plate 4.
Here's a Bluebell (Traherne's)

Also Traherne's is The Chatterer

 This is one elaborated fly ever😲🙌👏

The Dandy. This is rather a simple whole-feather pattern yet very graceful. This is perhaps the smallest head I ever achieved👏

And here's the frame😬

I'm glad to get one done with a good note just at the year end😁❗
I'll keep working on GMK flies but no rush. I may work on one or two flies of Plate 5 but then I also have several more patterns I want to work on. So let's keep the artist mode running till spring😀

Till next post👋
I hope you all have a good year end and start😉

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Seattle Foodie & Olympic National Park Fishing

We had a super fantastic family trip to West Coast😁.
Although I once lived in Washington for a certain period of my life (you can look back my posts from 2009 and 2010), it was eastern part and I had any businesses or opportunities to visit western counterpart such as Ocean and cities like Seattle.

Although we're very content with our life in Montana or Yellowstone Country, we'd also like to enjoy what we don't have or what we can't do in our area. Our top list is nothing but enjoy seafood🍣🍤🍥🐟😋Our special interest was Poke Bowl. We chose to dine at FOB Poke Bar. With so many options and combinations, what we can order is limitless😲and not to mention very tasty😋
We next headed to Uwajimaya - a well-known Japanese & Asian grocery store. The Seattle one is the largest. We wish we could have tried those but just watching many items was fun enough.
Then we ordered, well, Poke bowls again from the seafood department. Those were again fresh & tasty😋
From our hotel, we could easily walk, with Sage in a stroller👶, to Pike Place Market. This was another place that just watching stores and items was enjoyable enough.
Now we had to try the world famous Pike Place Chowder. As each item looked oh-so-wonderful, we went with the sample plate😋

After we enjoyed all kinds of dead fish, we headed to Olympic National Park to see if we could meet live ones😏 We stayed at beautiful Kalaloch Lodge within ONP right along the Pacific Ocean. From there, we explored the area.

Before our trip, like any fishermen would do nowadays, I looked for information online. I had some very fresh surprises. There are not many information out there😲 unlike Montana or Yellowstone, really. There are only some outfitters and a few fly-shops in the area and not many books seem on the market either. That got me really curious. It's been a very while that I became a visiting fisher myself.

We tried from small creeks nearby our lodge.

Sage's first day on the stream with us👶😎
Ocean is just a step away!

I bet salmon and steelhead would swim up even to these small creeks during their peak season.
Next we headed to the main body of ONP into Hoh River surrounded by rain-forest.

This was quite a river and I had quite an experience. The Hoh is, with this flow, just about the size of Yellowstone River at the lower end closer to the Ocean. Upper river where we were was just about the half of Yellowstone River. Water seemed to have some color in it but water was actually clear. I think color is due to water ingredients (glacier fed) and river bottom contents.

Well, I hooked something......ah..........very little............😓
Sunset was beautiful over and down the Pacific😲

Since the lodge was so comfortable and also as we immediately fell in love with the area, we decided to extend our trip one more day. Renee and Sage got retired from fishing and decided to stay cozy at the lodge😊so I was on my own. On this day, I checked the very lower end of the Hoh, near the mouth.
The lower end was larger than the upper section, which made it hard for gears I had. In the afternoon, I decided to head back to the upper section again. On the way, I saw the region's unique Roosevelt Elk.

I again hooked something............ah...........very little. As the sun started to set behind tall rain-forest trees, I walked along the bank and tried to read structures. Then I saw something............ A giant fish swam right by me..............It didn't look like a trout-shape I'm used to. I bet it was more like Chinook........BTW, I do have one Chinook experience - see my old post😏

I kept on, at the last light, I felt something and this time it was hanging onto my line and fly😬

As dada failed to catch proper trout, a trout aquarium in a gas station at St. Regis, MT was Sage's first trout experience👶😊

We quite enjoyed this trip and are already thinking about going back over there. Next time, more & serious fishing😬 and slightly less grocery shopping😅
Our quests for Steelhead and Pacific salmons will continue👍

Thursday, October 25, 2018

So Long..............

It's been Soooooooooo long..................  I have not forgotten this blog of mine or never meant to be lazy.............. For some reasons, my life hadn't been running as it was supposed to be for the past couple of weeks. Nothing serious or deleterious, such as accidents or sickness, it was just "off the rail"😞😩

I tried to remain productive. I started to use Firehole Sticks, produced right here in Bozeman, MT. These are some of very unique sets of hook styles that fit in my needs and patterns. I immediately like this one for my small dun/emerger patterns for spring creeks = curved & short with extra wide gap😆

On top of books I had bought but couldn't read through during the last winter and this spring, I just bought many more books📕📖📚👀
As you can see, I've been into history of fly-fishing and fly-tying. I buy from a couple of online stores within US. Also this time, I ordered from Medlar Press in England. Besides reading and learning history, I want to improve myself as a casting instructor with Jason Borger's new casting book.

Sage Skues is reading with me too 😉 This is Captain Hale's "How to Tie Salmon Flies".

I have just got back on track...........somewhat😑
Hopefully the next post won't be in such a long gap and be more colorful✌

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Late September Guide Trips

While my mind was flying somewhere over the Bighorn and then while I was physically there, Livingston's area rivers fished really well for what I heard from my contacts and what I saw on social medias. I think this average-to-cooler summer contributed a lot all through the season. At the turn of the fall, I had a series of trips around here.

YES!! Yellowstone River is still fishing well with dry-flies. Of course, nymphing is effective earlier in the day or all through the float. Baetis and some terrestrials that still roam river banks offer good dry-fly fishing.
 Ants worked for me but not hopper as I heard. But I'm sure it just happened to me and my people. I spotted this one at around my lunch spot.
I believe she was carrying the egg sack😍. She didn't hop, barely walking on the sand😊
Lower Madison has its own mood as always. One method may work better than the other and then some nice fish show themselves from nonchalant structures😶

 DePuy's Spring Creek has been fishing well all summer as insect hatches continue. Indeed this has been an incredible season on the creek👏. We guide team welcomed the annual big group to the creek. This morning I was able to show a couple of spots with rising trout for my clients.
But catching them was not easy😏
 Then in the afternoon, PMD still hatch😲 and baetis follow😆❗❗


Then we floated Yellowstone River. We shared our methods and catches as we go on. My people and I figured out what worked for us and so did others. All 5 boats had great times on the Yellowstone🙌

Of course I was shining among the rest of outstanding guides❗❓See what I can get my clients hooked up with😅 I seldom hold fish for clients just to take good looking pictures (I want clients to hold and be in pictures, not me!) but for this I sacrificed my hands 😖 and we had good Sushi lunch🍣😂

We caught many good looking trout and this was particularly memorable😆Of course this good looking trout itself, but also as we were going through the cascading riffle, I couldn't let my hands off of my oars. So this client performed tugging in this strong Cutt and then a one-man YOGA netting all by himself👏😉

Let's see what the fall offers us in Yellowstone Country😉
See you on the stream👏