Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bighorn River Trico Hatches - Living The Dream Volume 2

Oh, what a great trip on the Bighorn River✌😁I just got home from another great Trico hatches on this legendary river with Mr. Chuck.

For two seasons in a row, due to heavy snow accumulations in Montana and Wyoming, the Bighorn has been experiencing unusual flows from the past. We can't deny some effects on the river, though we may not be able to how & what at this point. According to fishing reports, the river and fishers sounded experiencing some challenging conditions. However we were up for challenges and were willing to figure out what to do😏. Following visual materials will explain to you😎.Our theme for this year was Livings The Dream Volume 2

Before I go on, I'd like to go over Trico hatches and how the fishing goes during this period.

  • Size 18-24, female has olive/green abdomen, while male has almost all entirely black. 
  • Male Tricorythodes hatch at night. It can be 7pm to midnight. During the hatch, if one happens to be on the river, it's possible to fish for rising trout. Over night they molt into spinners and sit tight in the bush, grasses, or trees. 
  • Female Trico hatch right just around at the first light of dawn = 6:00 to 6:30am. Sometimes it can be 7:00 to 7:30am. During the hatch, like any other mayfly species at any other streams, trout will rise and we can fish with match-the-hatch flies (dry-flies, slightly subsurface, etc). 
  • Then immediately after the hatch, females molt into spinners😲
  • Male spinners, that have been waiting for this opportunity, start to fly and they mate to reproduce next generations.
  • Now the sky is buzzing with literally billions of spinner, as far as eyes can see😲
  • Right after mating, they start to fall into the river (and die or have died already). And trout gorge on them.
  • River will literally boil with rising trout😲
  • There are days when there's a gap between female hatch and spinner flight (rises pause), while there also are days when it overwraps and continues without a gap (rises keep going). 
  • Spinner flight can start at around 8am or 9am, that range. 
  • And can last till noon. Depending on winds and other factors, it can be longer or shorter.
  • And this can happen from August to October on the Bighorn😲

With all of these in mind, let's move over to our fishing reports😁
For the first time ever, I tried and learned how to edit and compile videos and photos into a documentary🎥😏I'm very pleased to what I came up with✌

Then below is the photo essay, as it has been the format of choice for the past couple of posts. 
I may narrate here and there, that is not done on the video above. 
For some of you who have fished from my boat, you know I always have a secret fly😆
One of the most beautiful dawns I ever see😇

I was able to fish some during the scouting. This rainbow was very satisfying😁
We caught up in the evening.
This is the MUST item for early rising fishers😋
Volume 2 has begun😬
Super good start✌

This has to be seen in the video😬
This was a very satisfying brown on the first day, which turned out to be the BEST👍

Always learning
This morning, trout were super selective or just doing whatever they wanted to do😑It was very technical and challenging but we did manage a few nice ones✌

Kind of a comic relief, as we saw a bird on the floating weed patch😊
On this morning, we were beaten on the race to Hot Dog Hole (long story😂) instead we had real hot dogs🌭😋
Afternoon hopper fishing was also good😏

Howdy stranger😉
Mr. Chuck is a serious amateur entomologist😲

I can do hot one too👍
This morning, brother John fished with us.

I was busy netting back and force😅
It was very interesting to see a fox popped out of the bush and wouldn't be frightened at us🦊

Again, I strongly suggest you to click & watch the video. Seeing is believing.
It was very intense😵😬As of this writing, I'm still recovering and reminiscing. And am already thinking of next year.............😉 As much as we enjoyed a lot, we learned a lot from the river and trout. I brought back some homework with me for next year.

This is all the reasons I've been promoting Bighorn Trips. Come and experience with your own eyes and hearts😆

Guide season goes on. It has just turned the corner into the fall season😏
I may still see you on the streams👋

Monday, August 27, 2018

August Photo Essay 3

The following angler signed up for a multi-day-multi-destination trip. Indeed we drove and fished all over and experienced all aspects of fly-fishing.

Pictures will do most of descriptions. However I have to narrate some complicated situations at Livingston's spring creeks😏

We hit northeast corner of Yellowstone Park for the native Yellowstone Cutthroat.

 My signature lunch😋

Afternoon was the classic Hopper Time😆
Reviewing their morning foods😏
 He hit the spot just right😎
This was the huge surprise for the first day of

And that wasn't the last one😁

Gray Drake spinner on my truck window.

Next we headed to DePuy's Spring Creek.
On this day - and the next day -, weather changed dramatically😨. Air temp dropped plus bone-chilling breezes from northeast😱. It was indeed a weather condition we typically experience in late October or November. Fishing conditions on the creek were greatly affected. I was nearly running out of tactics and options. Situation looked grim.........😧. However I persisted and then as the breezes slightly calmed down (still bone-chilling cold), miraculously I spotted groups of rising trout for my client😲Some hatches were definitely going on😲

As we started to work on risers, as always on DePuy's, it wasn't easy............ I waded downstream of risers and seined. I found Size 16 PMD and, believe or not, Gray Baetis in large numbers - this cold weather must have conjured them up😲.
Initially he struggled with techniques and presentations but with my guiding, he started to get them right. Yet he wasn't getting any bites.............. I waded downstream again and seined. Now Sulphurs were hatching😲❗❗ I again and again changed the fly for him. And our perseverance and effort finally paid off👏🙌
 It was a nice Cutt😆

Looking closely, Mahogany was hatching too.
 And that wasn't the end..........

What a Brown😲👏🙌

Next day, we decided to pry Nelson's Spring Creek.
Weather was slightly improved, meaning still on the cold side............😰 Then Nelson's is always challenging too.
A super small fly & large colorful trout - this picture really highlights the spring creek fishing😏

My lunch menu knows no limit😋
 In the afternoon, we fished all through the creek.

On this day, we were more experienced. We anticipated the late afternoon hatches as in the previous day. And indeed it did happen😁
Another complicated multi-hatches.............. PMD in size 16, Sulphurs, and Baetis on this creek were in light olive/cream color..........😲
On top of that we were fishing a typical of Nelson's slow moving water under which weedbeds create a series of complicated multi currents.............

 All we could do was to keep changing flies and adjusting or trying to perfect presentations. We worked on one seemingly large trout that was feeding right at the edge of weed patch on the surface. Our effort finally paid off❗❗

 Another small fly + large colorful trout shot😆

On the final day, we decided to float Madison River.
This was apparently the first time for him to fish from the boat and this fast-paced river but he quickly adjusted and got used to - I knew he will.
 Pulled pork 🐖warmed up for lunch😋
 Casting out from the moving boat, into the continuous riffles, raise trout on dry-flies, and bring them in - he was getting a hang of the Madison😏

He caught another nice rainbow but somehow I couldn't take a good picture for it......

Then the climax of the day and the entire trip, he raised and hooked another fine trout. We knew this would be larger and heavier than the previous ones😲. He held on through heavy currents - along with a couple of boats passing us by😜- and I was able to pull into a soft shallow spot behind the corner😲
 The battle wouldn't end easy. I was sure it would definitely be 18-inch long. After some more tug-of-wars, he finally steered the beast into the shallow and I was able to net for him💪👏
 Now we realized why this trout was so heavy and hard to bring in. It had such a huge-fat-plump girth😲😆 It looked as if those trout we catch in lakes or ponds, really😎

See a short video that was accidentally taken by my I-Phone X (I'm still getting used to it😅)
It's recommended to expand into the full-screen.

 And the release and see you later for another day👋

It's recommended to expand into the full-screen.

Boy, we fished really hard and enjoyed what each day offered us😎😄

With the aforementioned cold weather days have come into the forecast here and there, we have to feel the end of summer is coming.

Now I'm headed to the Bighorn River😏