Wednesday, July 24, 2019

PMD on Spring Creeks

These pictures are from late June to early July though PMD hatch is still going strong on Livingston's spring creeks. As it has been, this is the period that we've been longing for and that never disappoints guides and anglers.

Just as with the previous salmonfly report, PMD hatch was also affected by the strange weather. We had the cold week in the middle of June, with the snow on Summer Solstice, and that is usually when we start to see PMD hatches and, day by day, we observe it's getting constant and stabilizing. We did have PMD hatches but they came late in the day = 1pm, 3pm, 3:30,....... Finally when weather became summer-like, they started to hatch earlier = 12:30, 12:00, 11:30, 11AM, 10:30AM................. For my side of difficulty, it was very hard to set and produce lunch for the first couple of trips😓

Rest is the photo recollection with minimal narratives.
Insect photos must be useful for those who come and fish this summer and those who plan to come in the near future!!

I had one day to fish on my own😏

Neighbor fishers🦌 🦌

 Also note these critters start crawling along creeks🐜
I had another day to fish on my own😏
Finally dada was able to show a proper trout to the next generation fly-fisher, caught with his namesake: Sage rod and Skue's method😎

 Sometimes it's more than PMD😎


 Even during PMD time, never forget these little dudes😎
 And a very rare Sulphur emerger😲

Come and fish spring creeks this summer or the fall😉
If you can't make this year, plan for next year or near future😉

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