Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Summary

It's been quite a while to update here😶Lazy?......I can't deny. Busy?.....Yes with so many things.
I just wrote and released a year-end newsletter at my website:
Please refer over there.
A lazy post? Perhaps...........😉
But as you can see, I had so much going on this fall and up until now that you understand. When I have one event/news at a time, I'll still try to update with a timely manner at here😎so stay tuned☝
Happy New Year🎉

Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall Fishing

At this point in early October, it seems the fall has had a very short life and the winter is showing itself............ Following is the reports from September. Yes I'm very behind. I was busy, involved in something else that I may announce later.

In September, there were a couple of over 90F days. Rest were mix of rain and clouds that made us feel some chills. Yes, it was indeed a fall.

In my note, it was a very rare "dry-fly double" on Yellowstone River.

I had one angler who wanted to pry Bighorn River.
This one was just longer than my hand, but with the totally odd shape. Definitely well-fed!!

Morning glory!!
 We fished for the remaining Trico!
From 90F days in Eastern MT, it was quite a change at Slough Creek in YNP!!
It was very slow in the morning. However, with our patience and perseverance, we had rising trout!!

The wrap up of his trip was on DePuy's Spring Creek
It was a midge day!!

 And the finale was this massive brown trout😲
Was this an early fall-runner or it happened to be there? Or hanging around through summer?

Let's see what October brings.
It's also time for me to work on Atlantic salmon flies.........💞

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Bighorn River - Livin' The Dream 2019

Well, I survived the annual Bighorn trip and successfully got back home👏🎉
I came home with so many pictures and videos, of course many good memories and experiences. It'd better so because I spent half of August by camping and guiding😲
First I had to recover by resting my body and adjusting my mental set. Then I went through all the digital contents. After very time consuming effort and patience, I compiled the documentary👏🎊
Seeing is believing, enjoy the real & raw live actions🎥

Another brutal Bighorn trip on the book😎
The next main actor could be YOU😎

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Floating Rivers

It feels like we're hitting the peak of summer. We're having upper 80F and 90F days, but this is only just past one week or two. It's been a cool summer, at least for my perspective and experience. Yellowstone River has been running in fair flows without many mud-plugs from up above. Float trip is going well.

Dry-fly fishing is the way to go!!

As seen behind, when clouds cover the sky, streamers can yield surprising results😲

And then................BIGHORN😎
Following is my scout trip for the upcoming BIIIIIIIG trip😏
This is the place to be🙋
I'd like to say this upfront; ALL the TROUT I caught in these two days were VERY VERY STRONG😲💪💪❗❗ I had very hard and, of course, enjoyable times to bring them in. 
 Not on purpose at all, a caddis flew into my water😅
Trout are very strong💪
 See what's out there😎

For those who are planning to come this summer, I'd like to offer you fair information.
There are LOTS OF TROUT to be caught❗❗ DO NOT listen to or believe in what someone talks about fish count/population survey. Besides as you can see in my pictures, water is running clear, flow has just come down to the ideal & preferable level for anglers, trout, and insects, and tremendous hatches are going on❗❗
That's all for now.
I'm sure the next post will be after the upcoming trip - perhaps in early September - only if I survive😬

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

PMD on Spring Creeks

These pictures are from late June to early July though PMD hatch is still going strong on Livingston's spring creeks. As it has been, this is the period that we've been longing for and that never disappoints guides and anglers.

Just as with the previous salmonfly report, PMD hatch was also affected by the strange weather. We had the cold week in the middle of June, with the snow on Summer Solstice, and that is usually when we start to see PMD hatches and, day by day, we observe it's getting constant and stabilizing. We did have PMD hatches but they came late in the day = 1pm, 3pm, 3:30,....... Finally when weather became summer-like, they started to hatch earlier = 12:30, 12:00, 11:30, 11AM, 10:30AM................. For my side of difficulty, it was very hard to set and produce lunch for the first couple of trips😓

Rest is the photo recollection with minimal narratives.
Insect photos must be useful for those who come and fish this summer and those who plan to come in the near future!!

I had one day to fish on my own😏

Neighbor fishers🦌 🦌

 Also note these critters start crawling along creeks🐜
I had another day to fish on my own😏
Finally dada was able to show a proper trout to the next generation fly-fisher, caught with his namesake: Sage rod and Skue's method😎

 Sometimes it's more than PMD😎


 Even during PMD time, never forget these little dudes😎
 And a very rare Sulphur emerger😲

Come and fish spring creeks this summer or the fall😉
If you can't make this year, plan for next year or near future😉