Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February (and Perhaps Winter too?) Wrap Up

Sorry for long periods between posts through this winter.........
Am I fishing? Where are salmon flies?.................
I've been busy........ Well, here's how & why.........
In other words, it's settled!!!

There will be more new things to announce as spring nears.
And we will soon get out to fish!!

We've got good snow-packs this winter!!!
If you Google and click any snow-pack information, snow/water equivalent is way over 100% for Yellowstone Drainage!!
This reminds me of winter of '13-'14 and consequently constant flows and fishing through summer of '14. Spring and fall were great as well. There are still many more factors to consider - spring warmth, rains in May and June, and so on. But we can have high hopes!!

So I just posted one of must-have patterns for upcoming summer!!

Tie up some and start planning your summer trips Yellowstone Country!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Winter Tying Demonstration

Weather is still alternation of warm and cold, brisk & snow. However it seems slightly warming up. Let us see how it rolls.

On the last Saturday 4th, I was offered an afternoon tying demonstration spot at Montana Troutfitters. Due to my experience through East Idaho Fly Tying Expo, which I'm committed to go to, certainly this is not the first time to do this. I've done a Tying Theater, that lasts an hour, for two consecutive years. I just wondered how a 3-hour theater was going to be....

Getting ready.
We had quite a number of good crowds through 3 hours.

I went through about a dozen of my spring creek patterns, some of which had variations, finishing with 5 different wing styles of No Hackle Gnat.
Over all it was good!! I was able to manage a couple of technical patterns!!
I don't think it's too early to mention: see you in Idaho Falls in April!!