Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February (and Perhaps Winter too?) Wrap Up

Sorry for long periods between posts through this winter.........
Am I fishing? Where are salmon flies?.................
I've been busy........ Well, here's how & why.........
In other words, it's settled!!!

There will be more new things to announce as spring nears.
And we will soon get out to fish!!

We've got good snow-packs this winter!!!
If you Google and click any snow-pack information, snow/water equivalent is way over 100% for Yellowstone Drainage!!
This reminds me of winter of '13-'14 and consequently constant flows and fishing through summer of '14. Spring and fall were great as well. There are still many more factors to consider - spring warmth, rains in May and June, and so on. But we can have high hopes!!

So I just posted one of must-have patterns for upcoming summer!!

Tie up some and start planning your summer trips Yellowstone Country!!

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