Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maiden Voyage

Another blank from the previous post........... Well, as the calendar suggests, spring has arrived! And finally it seems my daily life and schedules are up and running. And I believe some fishing can be mixed up from now on!

I'd like to announce one more big change for this year and many more to come.
From this season, I'll be with a brandnew drift boat, masterly built by RO Drift Boats in Bozeman. Project had been set from the last fall and built in early February. So both human and boat were waiting for "home".
Along the Yellowstone River access.
It's a 2017 Guide Model. Hull remains the same as the previous model but there are some major improvements.
As I loaded up my necessity gears, I did a quick job on the floor. This rubber mat is fatigue reducing and will accommodate any type of boot soles. 
Then Renee and I hit the road for fishing in a very while!
Our destination was Bighorn River, which has been running very high for this time of year, as huge spring water is anticipated.
She got the first bite for her and boat!!
While I was getting a feel of new boat, she kept catching!
We stopped and I was able to enjoy some!
She remained in the boat and kept fishing........then she got another bite which seemed larger than the others!!

So the Maiden Voyage was great and enjoyable.
What a boat!!!!! It's quite advancing from the previous model. I can go on and on just about that - perhaps in the near future post.
Also it's been exactly a year since I first took Renee to the Bighorn. Renee advanced quite a lot. She didn't even get tangled in spite of our blank and the indicator rig😉
We try to get out as much as we can!

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