Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Tailwater Expedition Continues

Spring has been just as we know around here. It's warm but not overly, indeed we feel touch of cold during morning hours. We like this modest transition so snow in our ranges wouldn't melt quickly, especially in April to June period, so we can expect constant flow in the middle of summer (July and August).

Spring is the greatest time to pry our BEST tailwater fisheries in Montana, if not the entire world. We did the Bighorn last weekend, this time we hit Missouri River.

Here's the second voyage of my new boat at Holter Dam under the rising sun!
I read and decoded the spot......... I had an opener😎
I was slightly proud of...... However, right after,  my lovely companion made her debut on MO with the most impressive way possible!! Her first trout on her first expedition was this 21-inch long and 12-inch girth monster😆😲
A true trophy and a typical of MO!!
I'm very content and capable of being happy with my own fishing results, but this was one of a few times I got jealous😑😒. Later on I was able to catch up😅😝
She kept enjoying action on Mighty MO.

Another nice buck!
We somehow found a rose washed away along the bank as we hauled in a huge hen😻🌹
This is a typical average in MO..........
It was another long-day and long-driving but we quite enjoyed.
Come and enjoy springtime in Montana!


  1. Judging from the smiles it looks like you and Renee were pleased with the catches of the day. I would have been too. Satoshi, I figured out the secret of your success. It's the hats! I think that I need a new one......

    1. Mine has been OK though I miss Outback hats every now and then (I don't see many in stores around here - I can't try online, you know). I outfitted Renee's. We like Simms' for women. She has a bad habit of packing and folding it. See how her hat reshaped as the day went by.......